Why go to Tajikistan? Good topic!

10 reasons: Tajikistan is a small mountainous country where polite and beautiful people live with beautiful clothes, delicious cuisine, with unique traditions in an incredibly unique nature. In Tajikistan you can see the following:


  1. Visit the highest mountains of the world which have a height of up to 7,495 meters above sea level. It is interesting for lovers of mountains and especially for climbers. In the mountains there is a mass of green glades, beautiful natural places;
  2. Bathe on the most crystal clear lakes and rivers that have the best taste and are located in the high mountains;
  3. To eat unique delicious and Tajik dishes among which: Kurutov, Siyohalaf, Dalda, Damlam and Hordes are considered unique which you will not see and will not find in other countries of the world. Also eats a lot of other delicious and unique dishes, bread and beverages which are also not found at home or anywhere. For example: Fatir, Kalama, Nisholo, Cholov Khavloi Kunchiti are considered a masterpiece of Tajik cuisine, which can be found in neighboring countries adjacent to Tajikistan.
  4. Participate in Tajik holidays, which are celebrated only in the Persian and Turkic countries of the world. This is a holiday “Navruz”, celebrated annually from March 20 to March 30. This is a Tajik holiday new year in which everyone is resting and celebrating the coming of spring. These days on the streets a lot of people and especially girls with national dresses called “Chakan”. In public places, people often gather and hold concerts, dances, festivities, sports competitions, among which a special place is held by competitions called “Gushtginiri” and “Buzkashi”;
  5. Hunting in wild nature. In Tajikistan, you can hunt both normal beasts and predators. Only this kind of tour is considered exclusive and expensive because it requires special agreement from the special bodies. You can catch fish for free on clean rivers and lakes, and shoot wild boars, rabbits, foxes, bears, mountain goats weighing up to 200 kilograms.
  6. The fauna of Tajikistan also has its own uniqueness. In this country you can see the largest sheep of the world whose weight reaches up to 200 kilograms and their Kurdyuk up to 50-70 kilograms. Also there are mountain sheep with the weight of almost a bear whom they call Markopolo. You will not see such large rams in other countries of the world;
  7. Fruit Gardens and Plants – It was necessary to start everything from the fruits of this country, as it contains the best cherries, watermelons, melons, pomegranates, pears, persimmons, grapes and many – many unique medicinal plants. If you are in Tajikistan, do not forget to pick up the fruits and medicinal plants of this country as they grow in the highlands where the cleanest air and high-calorie sun rays. It is recommended to visit the fields of grapes in Tursunzadevo district and apple orchards in Gissar district.
  8. Architecture – In recent years, Tajikistan has changed a lot and it has built a lot of buildings in the national style and in this respect it is recommended that you visit such places as: Chaykhana Arbob in Khujand, Chayhana Harbuza in Gissar, Chaykhana “Kokhi Navruz” in Dushanbe, Fortress ” Khulbuk “of Khatlon region, Gissar fortress” Kalai Khizor “and so on.
  9. Recreation places in Tajikistan are not very many, but not as cool as in Turkey, Dubai, Thailand, but it has some amazing places where you can both visit and enjoy both physically and spiritually. In this regard, you can recommend the winter ski resort “Safedorak”, Sanatorium “Bakhoriston” on the beach, “Sarikhosor” waterfall, “Kalai Khizor” Fortress, Zarafshan Valley Lakes, Historical and candied places in Kulyab city “Khazrati Amirjon” and not only.
  10. A beautiful people and a language to meet, make friends and maybe make a family. Tajiks are ordinary people, and they in history once did not attack other nations as did the Mongols, Turks, Germans, Arabs and a number of other peoples of the world. Their hearts are clean, and the people are hardworking. That’s why men from Europe often want to find wives from this mountainous country where the world’s impurity has not yet reached the end.

The Tajiks were formed as a result of the crossing of the western and eastern peoples of the world including Italians, Greeks, Arabs, Persians, Mongols, Turks, Hindus and a number of other nationals as a result of which the Tajik people were formed. Therefore, when you look at the Tajiks, they have both white blue-eyed and slightly black at which they eat both red hair and black with black.