Whow to create website in Uzbekistan

1.      Create a frame set page using Banner & Contents template.
2.      Set the initial frameset page to include a banner frame with a graphic and a graphic in the main frame of the frame set.
3.      The content frame should include the text: Home, Main, Link, Interests. This page will be the initial content frame of the frameset.
4.      The index page of your site should contain a graphic linked to the frame set Uzbekistan.
5.      Create a submenu page for each of the items (except home) listed in step 3. These submenu entries will appear in the banner frame of the frameset.
6.      The submenu pages for each item in step 3 should have links to 3 entries (Main should have entries for the four parts of the table page of project 5 (numb list, tables 1,2 &3).
7.      The links submenu will link to 3 different sites related to your group, the interest submenu will link to 3 different pictures related to your group.
8.      Clicking on the Home entry in the content frame will replace the frameset with the index page.
9.      Clicking on any of the other entries in the content frame will place their respective menu page (step 5) in the banner frame of the frameset.
10.  For link and interest submenus (appearing in banner frame) clicking on any menu item will display the target (tables and numbered list for Main and pictures for interests) in the main frame of the frameset.
11.  Set links submenu page (appearing in the banner frame) so that when clicking on entries, the target link appears as a new page (the frameset will not be replaced, instead a new window will open containing the target link).
12.  Frameset page should have your name in title bar.
13.  Compress all files and submit.