Where to stay in Tajikistan?

Usually, many tourists choose a place to stop the hotels, but we propose to stop at the sanatoriums that are next to the capital of Tajikistan in the city of Gissar. This is because in the sanatoriums rooms are cheaper by 30-50% than in hotels, and also in their amount include 3 meals a day and medical procedures. Another difference is that in sanatoriums nature is more pleasant and places are quiet that for consolation of nerves is a very pleasant place.

Therefore, if you came to the city of Dushanbe, it is better for you to choose a sanatorium Shambari or Sanatorium Saturn. But if you stopped in the city of Khujand, we recommend you to choose rooms in the Sanatorium of Bakhoriston.

But in the city of Khorog, too, eats a sanatorium called “Garmchashma.” In these resorts as in hotels provide rooms for 24 hours if you choose more than 2 days.

Alas, in the city of Kulyab and Kurgan-Tube there is no sanatorium, but there are hotels in them. Alas in these cities will stop for more than 1-2 days there is no special significance, as in these cities there is little for tourists.

Therefore we propose to stop in the city of Dushanbe and the city of Khujand in whose regions there are many interesting places for the tour. It is in these cities that tourists get more pleasure from tourism.