What to take to Tajikistan?

And so you decided to go to Tajikistan? Hurrah Hurrah! This is the right choice because you will see something that was not seen in a dream or even in your imaginations. You heard little about Tajikistan and on the Internet you did not find the rating of this country in tourist guides. But we assure you that you will meet a unique pleasant tour although it is not blissful! You still have pleasant memories of this small country where four weathers are simultaneously eating in the summer (rain with a rainbow, scorching sun, thunderstorms, wind and snow).


Since in Tajikistan everything is cheap you should not take with you a lot of clothes. All you need is that it does not cost too much in the markets. This is due to the fact that China is a neighbor of Tajikistan and the majority of goods are imported from this country to the republic.

It should be noted that for clothes there is no restriction for foreign persons and therefore you can take whatever you want, be it Arab clothes or open European clothes.