What to take from Tajikistan?

From Tajikistan, you can buy and take to your country as a gift for your family and friends a lot of things, including for women and men or for children or managers who are your bosses.


Among the most unique products as a gift, it is recommended to buy the following on the markets:

  1. Chakan and Atlas are surprisingly unique beautiful dresses and materials for the weaker sex;
  2. Cord are unique Tajik knives with special ornaments. You can give to men;
  3. Tabaki chubi - special wooden plates. You can give to women;
  4. Musical instruments – among which you can name: Doira, Tabla, Rubob, Dutor, Chankovuz and much more.
  5. Fruits – Grapes of sort “Husseini”, “Guzalkora”, “Dili kaftar”, “Shohon”, and also “Persimmon”, “Lemon” and so on;
  6. Toys, ceramics, paintings and souvenirs – for details see http://life.ansor.info/en/what-to-bring-from-dushanbe-tajikistan