What to bring from Dushanbe – Tajikistan?

Do you travel to the city of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, and you want to remember for yourself a unique piece of memory or a gift to give to your colleagues, relatives and friends?

This article is devoted specifically to such cases. Read analyze what is best for you, insert your likes, make a repost and comments.

And so it should be, will note that Tajikistan is a mountainous and incredibly beautiful country where beautiful and polite people with a unique culture live. Although the country is Muslim, but the Sharia law is not officially practiced here.

что привезти из душанбе

If you are in Dushanbe, it is recommended for your taste and the desire of your friends and relatives to purchase the following products:

  1. Atlas and Chakan are unique national materials for women that are relatively expensive sold in the markets of Dushanbe in particular in the market “Korvon”. If you have a daughter or wife, then we recommend buying a chakan dress which costs 10 to 100 US dollars depending on the age of the girl / woman.
  2. Knife (cord) is unique Tajik knives that have unique designs prepared by Tajik craftsmen. They are sold in the market “Mehrgon” or souvenir shops of the city of Dushanbe. The average price is about 10 US dollars;
  3. Tobaqi chubi – this is the national Tajik dishes made by their trees in which mostly eat dishes of such genera as “Kurutov” and “Fatirshurbo”. The average price is 12-15 US dollars. The largest are worth about 500-1000 dollars which can only be found under the order. Huge dishes have a diameter of up to 1 meter and weight is about 20-30 kilograms.
  4. Musical instruments. In Dushanbe, many shops sell national musical instruments called Daf (Doira), Rubab, Tabla, Changovuz, Dumbra which cost an average of 20-30 US dollars. They are only slightly larger in size and their transportation is relatively inconvenient. But given their uniqueness, they are very good gifts for your son or men who appreciate the taste of music.
  5. Fruits – The best Tajik fruits are sold in the markets of the country’s capital, in particular, in the Mehrgon and Sahovat markets, including Melon, Watermelon, Granat, Vinohrady varieties “Husaini – Lady’s fingers, Guzalkora, Dili Kaftar, Shohon”, Persimmon, Lemon and so on. The price per kilogram of fruit is from 0.5 to 1 $;
  6. Toys, ceramics, paintings and souvenirs – all these goods are sold at special shops in Dushanbe, which are located on the central road (Rudaki Avenue). They eat dishes with national ornaments, whistles made of clay, dolls, headdresses (tubiteyki) clothes and much more.


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