What do you need to know when visiting Tajikistan?

First of all, it is necessary to know that in Tajikistan Islamic values ​​are highly valued and therefore it is not worthwhile to do the following:

  1. Walk half-naked in public places;
  2. Do not respectfully communicate with elders. When they come to the house or public places, they should give way and say the words of “Assalomu Aleikum” and at the same time slightly bow their head. At this time, you also need to hold your right hand under your heart. In public transport, give way to the elders.
  3. Communicate publicly their own foreign opinions in relation to someone;
  4. Smoking in public places;
  5. Making love to same-sex people;
  6. Other requested actions can be found at http://life.ansor.info/en/cant/