Video production service in Tajikistan – Dusahnbe city

how to get advertisements to sell?  Video advertising is a powerful and effective engine of trade, and specialists of our marketing agency have perfectly mastered it. We clearly know the recipe for a dish called “the client’s sales”. We take a handful of experience, a handful of creative ideas, add a glass of quality requirements and get the ideal video that sells. We are the best in Tajikistan, that is why you’ve come to us.

Why is animation convenient? 

An exciting content will make viewers share it on social websites, and that is all you need. You will receive free advertising among your target audience.

Such video works as a professional seller. But it has no days off, no sick days, it never sleeps and doesn’t go out for lunch. In a word, it is an ideal employee, team-mate, assistant and friend.

You can personally influence on the nature of the video, whether it is kind and sincere or cheerful and charming, whether it is bizarre and humorous or exquisite and piquant. It is simple to influence: you fill out the brief, and then verbally convey all your wishes to the manager.

The employees of our company, who have more than 10 years of experience in the area of video shooting and video editing, will help you to draw the right analogy and create a perfect image of the video. Such a video-seller builds a wonderful, trusting, and friendly relationship with the audience. Your content will interest a client. It will start speaking the client’s language, will discuss client’s needs and concerns and will treat his pain and solve his problems.

What “goodies” will you get from the video?

If you order a video, you will be able to enjoy such benefits as:

  • Audience outreach. With the help of such content it is possible to communicate with thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of future clients. With an appropriate optimization, it is practically free of charge.
  • Beautiful presentation. You will be able to present your product and service in a matter of seconds. It will be stylish and aesthetic.
  • Video advertising sells a lot better than a selling article or post on Instagram.

What do our specialists do to attract sales to you?

Our employees work in the following directions:


  • analyze target audience;
  • will analyze your product or service;
  • write a video script and agree it with the client;
  • shoot frames using high-quality digital video cameras;
  • edit video using animation and visual effects, taking into account all the requirement to formats and size of frames;
  • launch media promotion (promotion on TV, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Odnoklassniki and other services through affiliate programs).

Note! Besides creating promotional videos, we are engaged into video shooting of weddings, ceremonies, and social events.

What can a proper video-seller do?

With the help of video marketing you can:

  1.   Aesthetically arrange instructions.
  2.   Conduct a beautiful product review.
  3. Inform customers of discounts and promo actions and attract new clients.
  4. Explain complex business processes in simple words and through images and visualization tools. This is particularly relevant when your future partners are not too familiar with the nuances of your enterprise.
  5. Increase brand visibility. With the help of this video-seller, everyone will talk about your product.
  6. Increase the level of sales. It is clear that with the help of a proper video the sales will increase twice within a month. If you want your profit mushrooming, feel free to order a promotional video.

Why are we so good?

You totally should cooperate with our company for the following reasons:

  1. We do the work on a turnkey basis. You do not have to draw something, write texts or direct by yourself. You receive a comprehensive package of services and all you have to do is to concentrate on your own business.
  2. You get a quick result. All the processes are automated; therefore, we address all challenges within a specified time period and a lot faster than our competitors. For instance, you can receive a finished video within 4 days.
  3. Money saving and best rates on the market. With a high speed of work, setting such prices is a little indecent, but alas. We have to work almost at a loss.

We always guarantee the quality, and we are willing to interact with the client at each stage of the work.

Send your requirements for the video footage right now to our email. In return, you will receive estimated costs for producing the video and time frame for solving the task.

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