Map Vanj (Vanj) region Tajikistan

Map Vanj (Vanj) region Tajikistan

Vanj – a mountainous region of the Republic of Tajikistan, with a population of 42.3 thousand people in 2016, and the territory of 4.4 thousand sq. m.. kilometers is located in the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan, formed of 29.05.1933

The name of the area as referred to in the literature as the materials “or Vanj – Vyandzh”, but in their native Tajik language is written as “Ванҷ”. Previously, the area was called Roharvom (Roharav) in honor of the eponymous river and valley.

The administrative center of the district is the town Vanj. The district consists of 6 rural communities who are called jamoats such as: Vanj with a population of 12.7 thousand, 2.9 thousand Vodhud, Jovid 3.8 thousand, 5.7 thousand Rowand, Teharv 3.9 thousand…. ., and Yazgulom 7.9 thousand. Distance from Vanj to Khorog (171 km.) and from Dushanbe to Vanj (527 km.). Economy of the region is mainly dependent on agriculture as there are no companies producing and processing.

In the area speak the Tajik language but in two dialects, including: in the valley Vanj population speaks the dialect of the Tajik language Vanj and Yazgulom river valley on the Pamir Yazghulami language.

Location (geography) and Photos Vanj district:
ЦеCenter District Vanj

Center District Vanj

Mountain Vanj

Mountain Vanj

From the plane

From the plane

Vanj area is located between Darvoz and Yazgulam  ridges. It has borders with the Tavildara region, in the east with the Murghab district, in the south with the Rushan district, on the west by Darvoz area of ​​Tajikistan and Afghanistan province of Badakhshan. Vanj area from the north-east to south-west and cross the river Vanj Yazgulom.

Telephone contacts the main bodies of the district Vanj:

Chairman of the district: Tel (+992) 3551 165-48
Prosecutor’s Office: (+992) 3551 17553
Police: (+992) 3551 19411
Court: (+992) 3551 21-415
Fire: (+992) 3551 21-701
Hospital Clinic: (+992) 3551 45709
Military Commissariat: (+992) 3551 17247
Mail: (+992) 3551 21-111
Agroinvestbank: (+992) 3551 21238

Video of the Leninsky district (Vanj Tajikistan):

Key indicators Vanj district:

Name in Russian: Vanj
The name of the native language (Tajik): Ванҷ
The head of the district: Chairman
Country: Tajikistan
Title: Administrative District
Included in: Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast
Includes: 1 town, 5 rural communities
Administrative center: town Vanj (Rohrav)
Date of establishment: May 29, 1933.
Official languages: Tajik
Population (2015.): 39 412
National structure: Tajiks
Confessional Composition: Sunni Muslims and Shiites
Area: 4.4 km²
Time zone: UTC + 5
Abbreviation: TR
Code ISO 3166-2: TJ.GB.VA
Coordinates: 38,26,21 “C
Etnohronim: Vanchiho
Height above sea level (in action): 1800-4000
Postal Code: 736300
Internet domain: .tj
Code of car numbers: 04 RT
Telephone code: (+992) 3551
The total land area (ha): 443047
Irrigated area (ha): 2249
Rainfed land (ha): 440798
Arable land (hectares): 994
Gardens (ha): 411
Vineyards (ha): 0
Mulberry (ha): 54
Meadows (ha): 0
Citrus (ha): 0
The area under the seedlings (ha): 0.1
Abandoned (ha): 40
Pastures (ha): 12199
Agricultural land (ha):
Buildings (ha): 175
Dehkan farms (kolkhoz kind): 43
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Living Map Vanj area from satellite:


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