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Many people ask, “Where is the beautiful and wonderful places in Tajikistan for travel, tour and relax” while the maximum save time and money and get the best enjoyment of the Tajik land, to keep the most unforgettable positive impression.

Tajik mountains  in Vahdat district

Tajik mountains

This article useful to those who have appeared funding and the time to spend in Tajikistan, whether  a foreign tourist or a citizen of Tajikistan.

So in this article are some places of Tajikistan rating that takes into account the natural factors and the architectural, historical, cultural, economic, and other nuances of the price. The best time to visit Tajikistan is considered the end of March to the beginning of June the month of the month. In the summer as well you will visit Tajikistan heat is not a problem and wish to swim on a cool rivers, waterfalls, climb mountains, rip-eat most succulent fruits and hunting of wild animals.

Rating tourist areas of Tajikistan:

Современный Душанбе на сегодня на фото

Город Душанбе

In the first place Dushanbe – the capital of Tajikistan. In this city live more thane 1 million sitizen. People built and operate the necessary sectoral facilities including an international airport, railway and bus stations and embassies, hotels, museums, concert halls, monuments, fountains, a botanical garden, modern attractions, water park, restaurants, bars, discos, the mega-markets, banks, government agencies and. t. e.

Tourists are recommended to visit in the city of Dushanbe, the National Museum, the Palace of Nowruz, and concert palace Borbad, Water park “Dolphin” Attraction Jazeera, Market “Poytaht 90″ Central Park neighborhood where the Emblem and Flag of Tajikistan, the mosque Luchob, SPA Center “Hayot”, tea house “Rohat” and restaurants “Segafred” and “OK” to enjoy the national and foreign dishes. Word of Dushanbe is a young city where you can see all the new and consolidated cultural heritage of Tajiks is created by human hands.

Dushanbe also good in that it is located almost in the geographical center of the country at the foot of the beautiful mountains of Hissar that you can visit just short of half an hour and get to the other tourist areas of the country very quickly and conveniently.

Khujand town photo

Khujand town

On the second place of the city of Khujand - which is popularly known as the second capital of Tajikistan. Khujand is unique in that it is close to the Tajik sea named Kayrokum where millions of people avery year goes to this lake to swim and to ride on yachts.

Next to the mentioned functioning artificial lake is the best resort of Tajikistan on behalf of Bahoriston and operates the largest teahouse Sughd region on behalf of Arbob. In the city of Khujand and tourists are advised to visit the Museum of the City, a large market Panjshanbe indoor and a large swimming pool which are considered the best places. The city has dozens of modern hotels. One week is normal enough to have a good rest in this town.

Video about Khujand


Hissar valley

Hissar valley

In 3rd place Hissar Valley – the richest region of the country in terms of natural beauty, architectural uniqueness, the financial and economic progress, convenience, communication and other factors which are located around the capital of Tajikistan.

Under the Hissar Valley districts meant Tursunzade, Hissar, Shakhrinav, Vahdat and Varzob where there are the most beautiful mountains, waterfalls, rivers, orchards and unique architectural buildings. If you love nature and appreciate the truly unique nature of the Hissar valley is what you want. It is recommended to visit and relax in the mountains and Almosi Romit treated in sanatoriums Shohambari, see the vineyards of Hisar and Tursunzade, Hissar huge herds of sheep, Melon tea house whch is unique in the the the world, giant aluminum plant and Castle Hissar (Kallai Hissor).

Video of Hisor




In 4th place Zarafshan Valley – a region with beautiful lakes, rivers and mountains are located in Penjikent and Ayni areas of great natural beauty is made up of various plants such as trees, flowers and useful herbs.
Tourists are recommended to visit from May till August the like Lakes “Iskander” which also has a huge waterfall, lakes “Haftkul” and “Aloudin”, and Fann Mountains in Pajakent.
Basically this region interesting to people who love the mountains and the beauty of nature. The region is not hot in the summer and even cool as in the mountains year-round snow.

Kulob region

Kulob region

On 5 rd place Kulyab region. Tourists in the Kulyab region can enjoy the natural beauty and get acquainted with the historical sites and shrines.

It is recommended to go to the region since the beginning of April to the month of July when the nature in all its beauty and at the same time take into account the weather forecast. Unique places considered Vose district where Hulbuk Castle and the Mountain of salt. Then invited to visit the mountains with beautiful waterfall in Baljuvon district named Sari Khosor. Other unique places are beautiful mountains Muminabad named Childukhtaron mausoleum of Hazrati Amirjon in Kulyab town and finally the shrine of Hazrat Sultoni Uvaisiy Quran Khovalingi.

By the rooad to Dushanbe from Kulyab side you will see the country’s largest hydroelectric station called Nurek, and you probably should look at its waterfall.


Pomir – Garmchashma

At 6-rd place Pamir region. Tourists in the Badakhshan region of Tajikistan can visit the highest mountains in the former Soviet countries where there is a water treatment in the town and see Garmchashma Lakes, Sarez and Karakul in Murghab district.

Since relatively cold region of Badakhshan recommend you visit it only during the summer months.

Also in the area are the waterfalls but they swim is not possible because it is very cold. Alpinists, the region most suitable for climbing.

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