Toki Restaurant – Tea house in Dushanbe

Toki  restaurant or it is officially called “Chayhana” is one of the best public places for eating national dishes in Dushanbe city, the capital of Tajikistan.

Toqi is located in the north-eastern part of the city of Dushanbe along the road Kurban Rakhimov. The  word “Toki” means “hat” that is eating the national Tajik headgear. The institution is basically not a restaurant, as it mainly offers national dishes and not integrated services. For example, there is no live music, dancing, hookah, alcoholic beverages.

Ресторан - чайхана токи

Фотография Ресторан – чайхана Токи

Teahouse starts work from 11 am to 10 pm. In the tea house you can safely invite guests, friends and other people to eat the most delicious national dishes among the best is considered meat dishes. The building of the restaurant is made up of 2 floors and there are both open spaces and closed ones (booths and sandals).

The restaurant is decorated in the style of national design and they have wooden tables with chairs, caravots, sandals and even a bar to drink some alcoholic beverages.


Prices in the restaurant “Toki” are not high, and the quality of service is normal. The number of customers in this restaurant is quite a lot and therefore the efficiency of the service is not high. In the amount of 10-20 dollars, you can remarkably saturate in it.

The taste of the dishes in the teahouse is wonderful and therefore you will not regret visiting this institution. From a drink you can offer, tea, juices, compote, cholov, etc.

How to get there: in the direction of Toki restaurant there are such public transport as “13”, “25”, “2”. If you go to your car, then the parking lot is on the back of the restaurant.

Road map

Address and contacts:
City of Dushanbe, Kurbon Rakhimov street, 29. Landmark – tobacco factory.
Phone: (+992) 93-101-33-33


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