When to go to Tajikistan?

In Tajikistan, you can go as a tourist at any time, but it is best considered a 3-period where there are special features.

  1. In the first place is spring. It is recommended to visit from the 20th of March until the end of April. During this period of time in Tajikistan celebrate the greatest national holiday “Navruz” due to which carnivals, concerts, sports and special dishes are held. At this time, although the weather is relatively sedimentary, but still quite clean and pleasant. The air temperature in March-April is + 10 + 25 degrees Celsius and this is favorable for many people. At this time, you can visit the cultural and historical sites, as well as spend time hunting for the beautiful wildlife.
  2. Summer is the second best place for your charms and it is recommended that you take a tour to Tajikistan from the end of May to the end of August. In the summer in Tajikistan, the mountains are cool and they can travel from the heart. Fruits ripen precisely in this period of time, and you can pick them from the trees and eat directly on the field. Of course he eats a lot of water attractions in the capital of Tajikistan, including “Dolphin” and “Obshoron” are leaders. In summer it is very hot (+ 35 + 42 C) and in this regard, someone wants to swim right in the rivers..
  3. Winter is the last place to visit as tourism in Tajikistan. We recommend to visit this country in December because this month the snow level reaches a great depth, and the inhabitants of warm countries that have not seen snow can ride on mountainous places. In this regard, we recommend to visit the ski resort “Safeddara” on the night of December 31 to January 3. On this day, New Year carnivals are held very fantastically in this place, and you will feel yourself in the heart of Europe in the country of Switzerland..

It’s not worth visiting Tajikistan in November, and also in those months when people hold a great post called Ramadan, because at that time many restaurants, canteens, bars and other institutions do not work and preference is given to deterrence from day-to-day enjoyment in view of the greatness of Islamic values.