Telephone market of Dushanbe

In Dushanbe, there is a Telephone market in which mainly sell old-supported smartphones and telephones, as well as bicycles, the price of which differs significantly from the new ones.

The market in the Tajik language is called “Telefonbozor” and it is located in the south-eastern part of the 63-rd microdistrict along the street Krupskaya, near the house 152A. The buildings and structures of the transport company “Tajikvneshtrans” are located opposite the Telephonbozor.

Photo of the Dushanbe Phone Bazaar

Photo of the Dushanbe Phone Bazaar

The total area of the bazar is about 0.2 hectares and it is fenced with iron bars. A part of the bazar is covered by a roof, but not all can, it is mixed up. Therefore, people will have to enjoy and freeze during the cold period, and in summer, in the dusty and hot sun, it will burn.

The entrance for all is the same and it is 1 Somoni of independence from whether you are a seller or a buyer. It will be worth noting that after the payment for the entrance the check is not given.

Location of the market on the map

The bazar works on weekends (Saturday – Sunday), and it is usually crowded and in it mostly young people are a segment of the congestion. The founder of the market is a citizen of Tajikistan from the Farkhar district named Jamshed, whom many consider a good person and a talented businessman.