Tajik Man and Boys

Tajikistan’s Men – this usually people with education and good manners of behavior. Tajiks are the roots of the Persian culture and physiologically almost uniform with the Iranians. Although Tajikistan is a small country but there live different kinds of men in terms of physical structure. You can see that Tajik and sometimes white and slightly brown.

Photos Men Tajiks

Photos Men Tajiks

Males constitute 49% of the population of Tajikistan and is less than a woman. The reason is the fact that in Tajikistan, men die earlier than women, and this is due to the fact that in most of the country the burden placed on the shoulders of men, and they see the bowl difficulties and troubles of life.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, about 1 million men went abroad to search for earnings and thus some of them are sick less often than at home for their stay abroad subject to very severe.

Major Nurov - famous Tajik

Major Nurov – famous Tajik

Returning to the physical parameters of Tajik men. Tajik men are usually people an increase of 170-175 cm. White or brown skin, slightly hairy chest, black-brown eyes, bushy beards, some wearing mustaches, eyebrows large, strong hands, the average weight of 65-75 kg. round eyes and flat and black hair.

But it happens that you can meet a Tajik with green and blue eyes, but they are certainly rooted in the European descendants of a race or the local mountain, which once lived in the territory of Tajikistan.

White Tajiks usually live in mountainous areas or in cities. You can also distinguish between Tajiks living in the northern part of Tajikistan on their little different eyes that look like Uzbek and they are called “Sogdiana”. This answer to “What are they!”


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Popular names of Tajik men are: Rustam and Alisher Yusuf, Abubakr, Ilhom, Muhammad, Akbar, Suhrob Jafar and that the roots are usually associated with the religion of Islam. Tajikistan Men usually love Russian girls, dress up and eat national dishes such as: Kurutob, Oshi fires, Ordov, Fatirshurbo, Tobacco, and Gushtbiryon and Shakarob.

The word man in the Tajik language is translated as “Marduck” or “Mard” and boy is translated as “Pisar” or “Bacha”. Be Mardack in Tajikistan is the pride and responsibility. Families generally decisive conclusion of any word remains with the men, but it is considered correct if taken into account the views of women.

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