Wooden utensils, plates

Tajik national dishes prepared as clay and wood from the many thousands who have history. Few people know even from Tajikistan on wooden plates of Tajiks who is popularly known as “Tobaqi Chubin” or “Tavoki Chowi”, which means  as wooden plates.

деревянные тарелки

Фото деревянных тарелок Таджиков

Usually almost all Tajiks, and in particular the rural population in the family have wooden plates which are used in everyday life for the particular type of food specialties such as “Kurutob” or “Fatirshurbo”. As we know from wooden dishes eat food hands instead of spoons and it has its own specific causes.

Tajik wooden plates are elegance kitchen Tajiks and highly respected if it is used for the preparation of special dishes for guests. Wooden plates (Chubi tobaccos) in Tajikistan are often found in the kitchen of mountain residents of such areas as the Garm, Tojikobod, Darwaz, Hissar, Khorog, etc. Also, these dishes can be found in neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. It is no secret that the wooden plate in ancient times there were also other peoples of the world.


Tajik wooden plates create by hand from wood or Walnut Chinarov. Thus the yellow plate is made of wood of walnut and red of Chinar. In ancient times all dishes prepared by hand, but with the advent of electricity now they create in special machines. The wood that is used in the Tajik dishes selected by the criteria of resistance to it does not burst out of the dryness. Each type of wood has its own smell, weight and value.

The advantage


There are several benefits from wooden plates. A special place benefits from wooden plates is that it gives a special taste and aroma to dishes which are prepared, poured into it. If you eat food from wooden plates you could smell the nature and it helps you to enjoy a meal with more elevated mood.

Other advantages of the wooden plates lies in its special form. If you are a guest and you prepare a meal for him in these beautiful patterned wooden plates the guest is likely to be fascinated by your talents and uniqueness of your kitchen. Also wooden plates to keep the food warm longer than other types of cookware.


Based on the fact that the wooden plate size is much larger, and therefore are a little uncomfortable for a table whose size is very small. Because of the wooden plates hands eat meals together (1-20 person) it with the point of care is also not very safe. If they eat with spoons, too, the risk of getting various diseases inevitable.

Another drawback of wooden trays is that they burst out of the dryness. That eats if it is not used periodically, at least 1 time per week it from the dryness of the wood may devour. So after buying wooden plates to keep them in vegetable oil about 1 month that it smells good. After this dish after soaked with oil once will not burst even if it is not used for a long time.

Price and types


Wooden trays are usually sold in markets and their price ranges from $ 5 to $ 1,000 depending on the size. Typically, most people buying patterns without plates 30 cm in diameter whose price is about 10 US dollars (2016).

Patterned plates are beautiful but the question is a little more cleaning power demands. Patterned plates usually have dimensions of 50-60 cm diameter and costs between $ 20-25.

It is also possible to order to get large plates from the experts who are engaged in the preparation of wooden plates which are popularly called “Foundations Kosatarosh”. For example a plate with a diameter of 100 cm. Cost $ 500 and larger 1.5 meter 1000 dollars.