Tajik musical instruments

Tajik musical instruments are considered to be the most ancient artwork of mankind. To date, Tajik music instruments are found both on television programs and in public events.

Таджикские инструменты музыки

The most popular instruments of music are Rubab, Tabla, Doira, Dutar and Tar. The price of such instruments in the Tajik market, including Dushanbe, was from 150 to 500 somoni. Tabla costs usually 170-200 Somoni, Doira costs 300-500 Somoni depending on the size, Rubab costs 200-300 Somoni, Tar costs 500-2000 somoni depending on the quality.

These tools can be found on the Korvon Market in Dushanbe or in the central department store (TsUM) and also in shops along Rudaki Avenue.