Lilliputians of Tajikistan

Lilliputians of Tajikistan are dwarf people with a low growth of up to about 1.5 meters more without any physical deviations. In Tajikistan, approximately 500-600 Lilliputians live, but the exact number is not known, since this kind of accounting does not exist.

Lilliputians of a girl are women

Lilliputians of a girl are women

Usually, the Lilliputians of Tajikistan live in the pressure of society, as the people of the country usually look at them strangely and in most cases laugh at their low growth. Sometimes they make fun of their attitude.

In this connection, the Lilliputians of Tajikistan wish to avoid public places. They do not have a mental problem, but their growth and physical strength do not allow them to settle into many professions.

Lilliputians of the city of Dushanbe and other cities usually work in the sphere of culture, including theaters, circus and other state organizations.

Lilliputians Men. Workers of the "Khandinkamon" theater in Khujand city

Lilliputians Men. Workers of the “Khandinkamon” theater in Khujand city

Lilliputians Men. Workers of the Khandinkamon Theater in Khujand

The state considers the Lilliputians disabled and they pay a monthly pension of about 10-15 US dollars in terms of somoni.

Recently in 2017 the society of disabled people of Tajikistan was officially formed with the hope that with the help of him solve their problems. In this society, often the Lilliputians of Tajikistan gather and discuss their common affairs and also seek solutions to their nuances.