Strong people and weak in life

Strong people are much more defenseless than the weak. During a hurricane, the flexible reed bends and rustles, and the pine just breaks and dies forever – the Chinese say, and the Chinese know what they say.

Strong people are not responsible for themselves. And not even for their loved ones. They are responsible for the whole world that fell into their orbit. Because the force attracts to itself – so physicists say, and they also know what they are saying.

Strong people are not at all healthier or stronger than everyone else. They just know for sure that they have no right to faint and die while someone is still dependent on them. During a massive heart attack, they are able to jump into the water, swim to a drowning child, pull him ashore, make sure that he is no longer in danger, and only then turn off. This is what doctors say – and doctors have seen much more miracles in their lifetime than physicists and Chinese combined.

Strong people are also very lonely. And not at all because they do not tolerate anyone next to them. It’s just … They’re strong, aren’t they? It never occurs to anyone that they too are hurt, scared, lonely, just sad.

Strong, silent people walk the earth. With them it is not always easy, not always pleasant, not always comfortable – but reliable. This is the very cavalry that always comes to the rescue at the last moment.

Take care of each other!