Sitorai Karomatullo – singer of Tajikistan

Photo Sitorai Karomatullo

Photo Sitorai Karomatullo

Sitorai Karomatullo – new young pop singer Tajikistan. He appeared on the scene in 2015 and has become more popular on the Internet than the legendary Jurabek Murodova. She sings mostly songs in the national style called Shashmaqom. Very popular in the capital of Tajikistan – Dushanbe.

Biography: Sitorai Karamatullo was born in 1991 in Varzob in a family of musicians Rakhimov Karomatullo. Father Sitora working head of the department graduate of the National Conservatory. Primary education Sitora received in elementary school arts Varzob. Since 2012 Sitorai Karamatullo studying for 4th year of the National Conservatory of Tajikistan at the Department of traditional performance. She worked for three years at the State Philharmonic and then moved to the “Shashmaqom” ensemble.


Talent Sitaorai Karamatullo interpretation that is gaining momentum but since 2015 it has become already familiar to the audience. Many believe Sitorai Karamatullo very beautiful and especially her smile (lips), the eyes look beautiful and high build. Singers height is at least 180 cm and weight 80 kg. and it is quite attractive and even fantastic. There is no singer in Tajikistan, which had growth like Sitorai Karamatullo.

Video – Music – clip from Sitorai Karomatullo as “Bacha Jon”

Sitorai Karamatullo has no family relationship with the departed Tajik singer who was in Soviet times, is very popular under the name Karamatulloi Kurbon. Currently Sitora not married and she thinks that it is better to get married after 2020 as it plans to become worthy of its name and become a real zvezhdoy Tajikistan. Well and guessed the name of the singer with the Tajik language in Russian translated as “Star” and so this is the asterisk will captivate the hearts and duschy youth.


Sitorai Karamatullo mainly sings songs about love and family problems. Already she starred more than 5 videos and they are available in the interent network. To find phone numbers and e-singer for an order for events including weddings, you can find contact and the Ministry of Culture of Tajikistan. The order is worth a singer at weddings to ask about 1 thousand. USD.

Sitorai Karamatullo uses in his songs mostly fictional but sometimes the words come out of their frames and singing in different dialects that takes into account the different geographical market needs of the country.

At the moment, to make friends and cooperate with other singers testnaya and pevitsai Tajikistan and its sovershenstvet zananiya and talent. Sitorai Karamatullo personally received the award from the hands of the President of Tajikistan – Emomali Rahmon gift as a thank you, and evaluation. Sitora already managed to perform on stage in Tajikistan concert halls several times and its performance on the show natsionalnyh TV channels. It also plans to tour the cities of Tajikistan and abroad including Europe, Russia and America.

Photos singers Sitorai Karomatullo.

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