Shahzoda (Shaxzoda)

Shahzoda (Shaxzoda) – Uzbek super star (singer). The most popular and well-known in Uzbekistan and abroad. Was born on 06.28.1979, in the Ferghana region of Uzbekistan in the family of intellectuals.

Shahzoda - Superstar singer Uzbekistan

Photo Shahzoda

Popularity Shaxzoda acquired in the early 2000-th, when she sang the song “Bor ekan”. Since childhood Shahzoda loved and studied music that became her profession. The word “Shahzoda” from Uzbek to Russian translated as “Princess” and the brand is (a pseudonym) of this singer since 2001, while the real and full name is “Musayeva Zilola Bahodyrovna”.

After Shahzoda in the Internet, the most popular singers from Uzbekistan during 2005-2015 period are, Yulduz Usmonov, Shahzod, Sherali Juraev, and Sevinch Muminov.

Biography: After high school, she went  to the Ukraine (in 1996) to teach at the University of Kiev in the profession management but in case of the excessive demand for love and throws shis studies and is committed to a professional career in music. In this revolution, the singer with the approval of his father – a doctor of philosophical sciences and the mother – a teacher of Russian language returns to Uzbekistan.

Her first solo show was in 2003 and it was then acquired fame in the central countries of fame. Her voice in those years was razed to the singing of the nightingale in connection with which the tickets sold out its first show with stunning success. Considering this factor, she was invited to a movie that also she starred in various films.

Actor and singer’s life has developed successfully and is removed in more than 12 films as a bride who played romantic roles.

Shahzoda also works closely with international musicians such as the DWA. Mixed with Grupo Axente and French Bai Xing. Thus Shahzod popularity grows every moment and becomes noticeable not only in Asia but also in Europe and America. Recently sheis clips viewed on the Internet more tha 12 million times.

 Shahzoda PHOTOS

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 Video clips and music Shahzod (Mp3)

2015 Bojalar Islands Shaxzoda (free download) 

The list of songs with video clips (music)

  1. Chikita >>>
  2. Ayrilamiz  >>>
  3. Qora kuzlaring  >>>
  4. Yurak >>>
  5. Hayot ayt >>>
  6. Kechalar >>>
  7. Maqtanchoq >>>
  8. To’rt qadam >>>
  9. Unutmadim >>>
  10. Tilayman>>>
  11. O’tib ketadi >>>
  12. Shunchaki >>>
  13. Tobor >>>
  14. Yoqasan >>>
  15. Layli va Majnun >>>
  16. Super Lady- ft Jasur Gaipov >>>
  17. Ishon >>>
  18. Rashk >>> 
  19. To‘kilib >>>
  20. Bez tebya >>>
  21. Faqat sen >>>
  22. Ayirma >>> 



«Огни Алматы»
«Assalomu alaykum»
«Pahtakor ’79»
«Тысяча и одна ночь»
«Ol yuragimni»

«Между небом и землей»
«Nag’zme binam»

«Люблю тебя»

«Flying Tonight» (feat. Sean Bay)
«Все только начинается»
«Qo‘llar tepaga»
«Bu muhabbat»
«Hands in the Air» (feat. Sean Bay)
«Мой золотой» (feat. Costi Ioniță)
«Мало ли» (ОСТ «Геолог. Сильнее смерти»)
«Sen Menga Kerak»

«Habibi» ft Dr. Costi & Faydee


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