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Shabnami Surayo one of the most famous entertainers of Tajik, which is popular especially among young people. Born October 14, 1981 in the city of Kulob. Brought up in a family of creative people. His talent she inherited from her mother Surayo Kosymova known folk singer Tajikistan. In the footsteps of his mother and younger sister went Farzonai Hurshed.

Shabnami SurayoShabnam Surayyo the first time has appeared on stage at the age of the 13 years in the concert dedicated to the day of her mother’s birthday with a song Ahmad Zoir “Hob al chashmonam rabudi”. From this unexpected gift from Surayo Kosymova gave way to tears of joy and pride for her daughter. After a successful debut Shabnam continues its performances, participating in various vocal competitions on the territory of Tajikistan and always takes the first place.

After her marriage, at age 18, she was for a time suspend, his creative work. However, a few years later, having received an invitation to the Central Asian Music Competition “Asia Daysi” in Astana, he decides to return to the big stage. During his speech at the competition Shabnam received a certificate of merit. A further recognition of merit becomes the audience award at the competition “New Singer Asia” in Shanghai.

Has established itself as the singer held, Shabnam begins work on his first album after his release immediately nominated for the award “Surudi salts”. This is followed by the next nomination for the award “Navoi Dil”. The big push in her career was the performance with the song “Az kudumi Safar” at a concert dedicated to the celebration of the New Year 2007. With this song, it occupies a leading position in the charts of Tajikistan and Afghanistan. After that, she released the next album “Zindagi”, which diverges in large numbers among its fans not only in Tajikistan, but also beyond. Her recitals have been very successful.


Seeing its success and great popularity among the people Shabnam receives an invitation from representatives of UNDP to become a Goodwill Ambassador of Tajikistan. As such, it is involved in media training on cooperation and celebrities to work with young people in Istanbul. This training took part stars from around the world. At its end the gala concert which was attended by many stars, including Shabnam. Back in Dushanbe is under the auspices of the UN, holds concerts, dedicated to the fight against AIDS.

By recording their new album in Tashkent, she gets an offer from the state-owned company “Uzbek Navo” hold solo concerts on the eve of the new year in the cities of Samarkand and Bukhara. Invitations, photo shoots, touring, applause – that the current intense creative life Shabnami Surayo.



Shabnami Suraya Shabnami Suraya Shabnami Suraya
Shabnami Suraya Shabnami Suraya Shabnami Suraya Shabnami Suraya
Shabnami Suraya
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