Shab e barat (Shabe barat – Night) 2021

Shab e barat or in eng “Barat night” (Arabic: ليلةالبراءة‎) – sacred and great Muslim night during which Allah may forgive sins of  Muslims and it falls on the middle of Sha’ban month (on night of 14th to 15th day) in connection with this the night is called “Nisf”, that means the middle. Bara’at is a holiday for Muslims, as on that exact night they are given a chance to receive forgiveness from Allah for their sins committed.

Allah defined some days and months as sacred, including Bara’at night. The Bara’at night, specified as sacred (in Arabic: Laylat ul-Bara’at) and translated into Russian as not being privy, cleansing, complete separation and is special for every Muslim.

In this night you may ask for forgiveness and mercy from Allah. It is regarded as night, when the fortune of the people for the coming year is decided and when Allah forgives the sinners.  Thought in Quran the Bara’at night not exactly mentioned, but two verses ascribed to middle of Sha’ban month (Quran 44:3–4).

Shab e barat

Shab e barat 2021

Bara’at is an Arabic noun, which approx translation from English means innocence, appropriation, deliverance, and salvation. Gratitude and blessing of this night are innumerable. Allah ascertain this night as “Night of Judgment and Predestination”, as during this night fortunes are decided.

As the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.) said:

“There are four nights during which all duas will be accepted:

  1. The first night of Rajab month;
  2. Night on 15th day of Sha’ban;
  3. Night of Qadr (Arabic: Laylat al-Qadr);
  4. Two nights during Uraza Bairam (Eid al-Fitr) and Kurban Bairam (Eid al-Adha)

Video of dua for Barat night.

Holy Hadiths are saying about blessing of Bara’at night. Telling that this night is a night of sins forgiving and great mercy.  During this night it is necessary to:

  1. Spend the night in worship, do namaz, zikr and read Quran.
  2. Forgiveness, exhortations on true wayfaring, invoke to protect from the difficulties of this life, happiness and wellbeing on the earth and in other world and for salvation from Hell, is to bee seek from Allah in dua.

Only sincere worship, contrition and supplication to Allah, requesting of accepting the good things, to remit sins may count to mercy and forgive of the sins from Allah. Contrition in sins done, peace-building with those who have been offended.

Calendar Baraat night (when come – starts?) 

  • in 2016 in the evening on May 22 to the morning of May 23th;
  • in 2017 in the evening on May 11 th to the morning of May 12th;
  • in 2018 from the evening of the 1st of May to the morning of May 2nd;
  • in 2019 from the evening of April 20th until the morning of April 21 th;
  • in 2020 from the evening of April 8th to the morning of April 9th;
  • in 2021 from the evening of March 28th to the morning of March 29th;

Dua (supplication) for the night Baraat (14th night)


Any Muslim must analyze the committed actions, refuse from animosity, hatred, arrogance, avidity, disobedience to the parents, that what is to be done during this month. As this month is preparatory period for the Holy month Ramadan. Sha’ban month comes after month of Rajab (as highest as Quran among other books) and before month of Ramadan (as highest as Allah in front of nation). Every person should remember that life on the Earth will complete one day and we will return to our Creator.

The Judgment Day will certainly come. On sacred night matters happen, blessings will be given according their deserved. The true Muslim, realizing that we are all created by Allah and will be returned to him, will never admit careless treatment with this night. Bara’at night is celebrated in counties like India, Pakistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan etc.


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