Farrukh Raufov, the deputy chief of one of the directorates of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the country, told Nov. 17 radio “Ozodi” that for men who use paid sex services, punishment will be provided more seriously than for “night butterflies” themselves. “If there is demand, there is an offer. When lustful men will be less, then women selling their body, respectively, will be less. The draft amendments will be sent to the parliament early next year. For fans of paid love there is a fine and administrative arrest, “the source said.

How effective will these measures be?

We decided to ask this question to the capital’s prostitutes.

On the grassy places …

To look for the girls we went by taxi; as you know, no one knows better than them all the hassles of the city.

A taxi driver, a man of 55-60 years old, who later introduced himself as Abdurakhmon, looked incredulously at the journalist and asked: “What do you need at a price?”

 Are there many points? And they are divided by quotation?

The taxi driver, apparently determined to trust, began to announce the entire list.

– There is a point on Sakhovat, from the side of the market. There the cheapest, you can rent for 25-30 somoni, this point – for the most needy and students. They do not have their own point where they could do it, but in good weather they agree to service outdoors, for example, behind bushes in the Friendship of Peoples Park. In the Sakhovat area there is another point, at the stop near the Garant store and the pharmacy. There, girls are slightly more expensive – from 100 to 200 somoni per hour. If you do not have your own place, they can invite you into your “hut”.

Nearby there is another point, opposite the shopping center “Sodot”; there is a point in the circus area, Textilkombinata, Sadbarg shopping center; a choice is also in the nightclub, in the restaurant at the Polytechnic. The most expensive prostitutes are at elite restaurants in the center of the capital, where prices are at least $ 80-100, and for less with you, no one will be talking, “says our new acquaintance.

According to Abdurahmon, almost all the girls at these and other points cooperate with private taxi drivers.

“They can call at any time of the day, well, and if necessary, they will” drive “the client,” he says.

We asked to take us to the Sakhovat.

“Mardikor-bozor” in the night shift

At the stop at the “Guarantor” in different places on two-three are girls. We approach one group. To us immediately run up the rest – someone came up to ask, others – in the hope that they will pay attention to them.

We address to the girl dressed up-to-date.

“Is there a place, how many of you?” – She immediately asks the question on the forehead.

If we do not have our own place, then it can take us to our apartment. If there is no car, she can call her taxi.

– My price is 150 somoni per hour. With a taxi driver he will agree on the price. For an apartment you will pay 40 somoni per hour. If satisfied, go, – said the girl.

Seeing that we asked the price, other girls wandered to the sides.

Arriving at her “house”, we admit that we do not need anything from her, except to talk about herself, about the costs of the profession.

– Just remember, no records and photos. My name is Madina (the name is not real), I’m 26 years old, I’m from Gissar. When I was 18, I was married. I have one daughter growing up. For ten years now, my husband left for labor migration. He does not help me in any way. One day he called his mother and said that she could drive me out into the street, because he found himself another and does not want to see me anymore, I questioned that my daughter was from him. An hour before, he sent me a short essay: “Three times – Talak.” My mother-in-law, without hesitation for a long time, uttered a lot of mucks and put me and her daughter out of the gate.

Madina says that she had nowhere to go and she returned to her parents’ house.

– Father and mother – both pensioners, receive a small pension. I tried to get a job, but no one took me to work. One day my friend invited me to Dushanbe, she put her in her rented apartment, promised to help with the work. Two weeks later she asked me to go outside.

The girl says that there are practically no local prostitutes in the capital, all visitors from Gissar, Rudaki district, Shahrinav, Tursunzade, Kulyab and Khujand.

– In the district, almost everyone knows each other in person. Therefore, it is better to go to the capital and get lost there. At least no one will reproach and point a finger. The majority do not have a profession, no education, but it is necessary to live, it is necessary to raise children. Almost all were married, they were thrown to the children, kicked out, there was someone raped as a child, and they were forced to do it.

In this profession, Madina has five years. I got connections. She has her taxi driver on pick up and communications in the police.

– My friend the taxi driver sometimes finds me clients, will take and take away from the apartment. By the way, I agreed with the apartment in a four-story building in the Rudaki district, for an hour the landlady takes 30 somoni. It happens that customers come in a few people, and we occupy three rooms at the same time. People come across different, but basically all men treat us rudely. We have friends in the police. They also sometimes use our services. It happens that they will warn about the raid, at the right time, they will be protected from the patrol of the PPS at night or from a drunken, riotous client. Anything can happen, but without friendship with the police it is impossible to work. As long as I live like this, I need to raise a daughter who will go to school in a year, and I can not leave her parents, “she said.

According to Madina, if they punish not only prostitutes, but also men who use their services, this measure will lead to nothing.

“You see, I did not become a prostitute from a good life. I even have permanent men who take me twice a month. They pay a stipulated amount, even they buy something for my daughter. During the raids, only a part of the captured girls are recorded, the rest simply share their nightly proceeds. From men they take a couple hundred somoni, threatening that they will inform their wife, the leadership at work. Introduce a new norm – nothing will change,

My police protects me?

Talks about the fact that law enforcement agencies “cover” criminal spheres were and are. For details we turned to the veteran of the militia, who, on condition of anonymity, commented on the situation.

– Work with antisocial elements, as they are called since the Soviet times, was always conducted. They were often used and used in one-time operations for operatives. In any city or district, they are all known to the police.

The proposed measure to punish men who use the services of prostitutes will give nothing but a corruption component. This can even complicate the situation. Suppose, after the introduction of new norms, only well-founded clients will remain, and some of the prostitutes will remain out of work. In search of a piece of bread, they will stand on a different criminal path, and the number of other crimes will increase unequivocally, “the source said.

According to Madina, some prostitutes cooperate with operatives, bring the client himself when he is “ripe”.

Last year, she says, there was such a case. The girl in the taxi provoked a scandal. The client could not stand it, stopped a taxi, took out a girl, beat her. She turned to her familiar law enforcers. Detain the drunk man was not difficult. They took his contacts, addresses and let him sleep. The next morning they summoned us and, in order to “agree”, they took a certain amount, from which the girl took her own to take the application, Madina shares.

Nuts tighten a long time

In 2015, the lower house of parliament tightened the responsibility for prostitution: the amount of fines for this is from 800 to 1.6 thousand somoni, or women are punished with arrest for a period of 10 to 15 days. Earlier, for the practice of prostitution, liability was provided only in the form of a fine – from 400 to 800 somoni.

In November of the same year, the upper house of parliament supported the amendments to the Code on Administrative Offenses proposed by the government of the republic, according to which only the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the courts of the republic are now investigating and investigating administrative cases of prostitution. Previously, such a right had the prosecutor’s office.

Punishment for clients: for and against

The opinions of the men are divided: some welcome the initiative of the Prosecutor General’s Office, others argue that the authorities and some women can use the situation to their advantage. One of our interlocutors noted: “Of course, the adoption of sanctions against men – for the benefit of society. But the market of paid love is in demand for many years. And the new amendments are unlikely to affect the reduction in demand. ”

In this issue, opinions of experts were also divided.

Sociologist Maryam Davlatova says that she spoke with such an initiative 10 years ago in one of her articles, where she noted that several men should be punished for prostitution of one woman.

“We always assess this situation unilaterally,” she said. “We condemn women, but we never think about the fact that if there is no demand, there will be no proposal. There are several reasons why the market of love is in demand, but in any case the men are to blame. Those who pushed women to engage in this craft are men; those who use their services are also men. ”

Give women a chance

Other experts believe that it is necessary to give women a chance to self-realization and pay attention to the upbringing of girls.

Director of the “League of Women Lawyers” Zebo Sharipova suggests looking at the problem from a different angle.

– Why do women engage in prostitution? Because husbands left and for years do not come to their wives, abandoned them, and some husbands even create new families in host countries (mostly migrants) and forget about wives. The wife has no education, there is no work, but we need to feed the children. Hence all the troubles. This measure, which the representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office says, will lead to the creation of secret dens in the guise of saunas, beauty parlors, massage parlors, etc. By the way, similar methods are already practiced everywhere. Morality in this way does not increase, prostitution is not eradicated, and this measure will simply be ineffective.

Sociologist Alla Kuvatova argues that the problem really exists and you need to think carefully about how to solve it.

– How to increase the responsibility of men for prostitution of women? After all, they often become “engines”, the initiators of all this and should be responsible for the committed acts, especially if it happens forcibly. There are cases when close relatives, for example fathers, involve their daughters into having sex, otherwise it is called incest. Young girls often complain that young guys and other men look at them as something that can be touched, offended. Why do not they think that in the place of this girl there can be their sister, daughter, wife? Do not stop even religion. Permissiveness, double standards – this is what you need to fight. Encourage respect for each other from childhood, at school to explain the simple truths of good and justice, “says the expert.

According to representatives of the clergy, prostitution, and the use of their services, is blamed, but, in their opinion, the punishment of men can only complicate the situation.

A graduate of the madrassah Said says that if we begin to publicize that a man has sinned by changing his wife, it will lead to yet another ruined family and again the woman who will be left alone with the children will suffer.

“The replenishment of the budget is good, but the deputies who offered punishment to men do not think about this side of the issue,” he said.