Massage in Bishkek

Massage services in the city of Bishkek are becoming more relevant and the prices for such services are from $ 5 to $ 50. You can get massage services at home or in special institutions.

Half of the massage market is aimed at treating childhood diseases including flatfoot and cranial pressure. About 10 percent of the client in Bishkek want to receive a massage with the goal of reducing cellulite – the fats that women suffer most. Children’s massage basically costs 2 – 5 dollars per session with a duration of 20-30 minutes.


In recent years, in Bishkek under the pretext of massage, sex services are offered, in which girls offer porn services. The price for such services is about 10-20 dollars, depending on the condition and other factors. This is due to the fact that night butterflies – prostitutes in the streets are being pursued by militiamen and they have to work in hotels, bathhouses or rented apartments to provide intimate – erotic services individually.

Massage services in Bishkek by male guys are more relevant than other categories of this market segment. According to unofficial data of Bishkek (Men), every 5th man uses the services of private massage with the purpose of rest and relaxation, and few of them are concerned with the health issue.

It is known to find massage services now it becomes more accessible as in many media in the number like the Bishkek Advertising Newspaper, sites,, etc. you can meet a lot of offers.

As for quality massages, you can get it in luxury hotels. But massage services in Bishkek are not developed as in the capital of Uzbekistan and it is rare to find SPA salons where Thai, prostate, facial massage, erotic massage, lpg, etc. are provided.

Phones masseuses and masseurs:

0555 48 30 48
0709456567 Thai massage
0704 501 071 Renaissance
0773 60 15 38, 0708 60 15 62,
0555 21 55 89, 0555 887 662
0703773939 – Aigul
0550 800 805, 0704 805 800 Salon of Indies
0772-86-22-11, 0708-86-22-11, 0312-88-12-79 Olga, 4 md.