Yakkachinor Restaurant in Dushanbe

Restaurant Yakkachinor is one of the most luxurious and best establishments for an excellent holiday in the Dushanbe city – capital of Tajikistan. Yakachinor restaurant is located in Rahmon Nabiyev street in the Sino district.

The restaurant is one of the oldest establishments in the city of Dushanbe and is popular – famous among the population and residents. Named after the tree “Chinar” due to the fact that on the territory of the restaurant there were large and old plane trees during the years of the formation of the city of Dushanbe.

Photo of the banquet hall of the restaurant "Yakkachinor"

Photo of the banquet hall of the restaurant “Yakkachinor”

Restaurant Yakkachinor is the most luxurious place for catering and celebrations. According to unofficial data, most of the artists and nobles of Tajikistan gave the number “1” to this restaurant for being very beautiful, preparing the best dishes and serving quite well.

The building of the Yakkachinor restaurant is made up of 2 large halls and several small rooms and also booths for 5-10 people. The general possibility of serving a restaurant is about 500-700 clients at a time. In 2 large halls can serve 150 people each at a time.

Ресторан яккачинор

The Yakachinor restaurant mainly prepares Tajik dishes and among the best of them is considered meat dishes such as sixkebabs and fish. The taste of the dishes in this restaurant is very elegant, because they have excellent chefs working in them. Prices in them are not high.


You can safely invite your friends and acquaintances to this restaurant to have a great time, eat the most delicious dishes, dance in live music and watch the belly dance performed by the most beautiful girls.

The yakkachinor restaurant serves clients in its open territory in the summer, which is restored every 2-3 years. They have a closed courtyard where there is a beautiful fountain and an artificial waterfall that gives a fantastic view. On the trees are shone light and work at night.


The working time of the restaurant starts from 11:00 and ends at 22:00. For customers who come by private car they can unpack their personal transports in a special parking located at the back of the restaurant building with a capacity of 15-20 vehicles. You can also leave your cars right at the road, but there’s a lot of traffic and not safe.

Двор ресторана Яккачинар

Двор ресторана Яккачинар

Address and contacts:

The city of Dushanbe,

Rakhmon Nabiyev Street, 18.

Landmark Restaurant Didor or the head office of Agroinvestbank.

Phone: (+992) 903-03-88-23 (Bobodzhon) or (+992) 98-570-00-33




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