Rent a Car in Dushanbe – Tajikistan

Rent of wedding cars in the city of Dushanbe – the capital of Tajikistan is carried out by several companies and individuals, but the widest selection of cars is available near the building of the Grand Hotel (former wedding home – registry office).

If you have an event including a wedding, then you can rent the best cars in this place where they offer cars of the following brands: BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, Chrysler.

Auto: Rent a wedding car in Dushanbe

Auto: Rent a wedding car in Dushanbe

The car rental price is in the following tariff plan:

  1. Mercedes 221 = 800 Somoni for 5 hours;
  2. Mercedes 222 = 2,500 Somoni for 5 hours;
  3. Krasler = 600 somoni;
  4. Cabriolet 1500 somoni.
  5. The Cadillac is 1500 somoni.

The price is considered from 8 am to 1 pm or from 13:00 to 18:00 and is current for 2017. You can order cars by phone.

Rent a car dushanbe Mercedes

Rent a car Dushanbe Mercedes-Benz

Address and contacts:

The city of Dushanbe,
Postal code: 734002
M. Kurbonov Street 25.
Tel: (+992) 93-502-315, 93-403-39-15, 904-77-10-20.
Landmark: Bakht restaurant or east of the Slavic University.

Wedding Cars in Dushanbe (rental)

Wedding Cars in Dushanbe (rental)

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