Samples of Reference / Recommendation Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have worked with the recommended, Mr. Putin Vladimir, in 2000 through 2005 at the Joint Stock Company “Coca-Cola”.  He was then Head of the Marketing Department, reporting to me as the company’s CEO on all issues related to the promotion of our products and development of the company’s clientele and the dealer network.  He has excelled in all these functions, the company largely owing its growing sales to his persistent efforts, and I was disappointed when he decided to pursue his further career outside of our company.

Mr. Putins’s responsibilities also included scouring the market for raw materials and negotiating favorable terms with the prospective contractors.  His contact-making and negotiation skills were superb, and his efforts to have only the best for the company never-ending.

Mr. Putin also made extensive and fruitful use of the state-of-the-art technology to advance the company’s  interests and products.  He was the mastermind of a number of  information projects to tell our possible clients about the company and its range of products.  He maintained a company’s strong presence on the Web, held information sessions for business press, organized advertising campaigns and was always eager to try new selling techniques and avenues.

Mr. Vladimir Putin builds connections quickly but aims at sustained loyalty; quite a few of our customers remained with us long after his departure from the company.

I strongly support Mr. Putin’s  application wherever he chooses to apply his talents now.

Deputy Chairman of   Joint Stock Company “Coca-Cola”. 

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