Rasht – one of the mountainous district of Tajikistan, located in the geographical center of the country with an area of 4 612.9 km² formed 10-th March 1931. Today Rasht district has a population more than 109 thousand. People are mostly Tajiks.

Rasht Mountains

Rasht Mountains

Rasht roads

Rasht roads

Geography: Rasht district is located on the right side of the river Surkhob between ridges Karategin and Peter I. The distance from Rasht to the country’s capital – the Dushanbe city, which is located to the east of it is 185 km. Altitude is in the territory of Rasht from 1300 to 2400 meters. Geographic coordinates: 39 * 01 north latitude and 70 * 22. The weather in the summer heat and little air temperature reaches up to + 38-40 degrees. Winter is harsh and cold can reach up to – 35 degrees Celsius. Annual rainfall there except July and August, and their total volume reaches 1000-1500 mm per year.

Map of Rasht

Map of Rasht

History: Rasht known since the Middle Ages as one of the settlements on the Great Silk Road, the capital of the historic area Karategin in the mountains of Pamir-Alai. Tajik district name “Noҳiyai Rasht (Ғarm).”

Previously, the area was called Garm. On October 27, 1939 to August 24, 1955 The region was part of the Garm region. Decision of the Parliament No. 190 dated 28th April 2001 renamed the Rasht district, in memory of the historic area. The district July 10, 1949 was the strongest earthquake in the history of the area is recorded. Also in the district in 2010, there were clashes with the Tajik armed forces units and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in 1992-1996 as a result of civil wars that killed thousands of civilians.

Map from the satellite of Rasht district

Administrative division of Rasht.

In Rasht, there are 10 major settlements (Jamoat) and the administrative center of which is the town of Rasht, including: Rasht (Garm) – 12. Jafar – 6,1., Kalai Surkh-12, Kalanak – 8, Kaznok – 11, Navdeh – 12, Navabad – 5, Obi-Mehnat – 8 Rahimzade – 8 Tagoba – 7, Hidzhborak – 8 and  Hoit – 11 with  thousand people.

PHOTO of Rasht

Hoit village


Center of Rasht




Tourists are recommended to visit the best natural places such as the Rasht valley Kamarob, Yasman and Hoit. Rasht has such natural wealth as coal, aluminum, marble, coal, which is mined in the field Nazarailok Council Yasman that the temperature of combustion is considered unique in the country.
Rasht district is home to government officials, famous artists, writers and scientists, such as Nusratullo Makhsum, Saidullo Khayrulloyev, Zafar Nozim, Abdurahmon Nazriyev, Saidrahmon Nazriyev, Munavvar Shogadoev, Mirzo Rakhmatov, Kadriddin Aslonov, Boca Rahimzoda, Munavvarsho Nazriyev and others.

Weather in Rasht (forecast)


The people, the economy and education

People grow very hardworking and religious. Residents of the area are mainly engaged in potato growing (40 thous. Per year) and in particular the cultivation of fruit pears and apples are known for their weight in Tajikistan and even abroad, since this region Bole climate-friendly horticulture – vegetable growing. The population pays special attention to education and in this regard operate 108 schools. United States formed the American educational center in the town of Garm. It operates in the area and Pedagogical Institute which trained thousands of students in the Rasht Valley, but no industry. Zone mobile and internet works since 2005.

Видео о Раштском районе


Phones of government agencies in Rasht (Garm)

Administration (Hukumat) (+992 3131) 2-22-40
The prosecutor’s office (+992 3131) 2-17-84
Judge (+992 3131) 2-22-30
Military komisariat (+992 3131) 02.11.83
Police (+992 3131) 2-17-69
Fire (+992 3131) 2-16-70
Hospital – health center (+992 3131) 2-21-05
Bank (Agro) (3131) 2-21-37, (44) 610-20-08

The song – music about the girls (Duhtari) Rasht

Ubaidulloev Karomat >>>                           Naimjoni Saidali


Key data of Rasht

Name in English: Rasht district
Head of the District: Chairman
Country: Tajikistan
Title: Administrative District
Included in the: Districts of Republican Subordination
Includes :1 town, 9 in rural communities
The administrative center: Garm
Inception Date: March 10, 1931
Languages: Tajik
Population (2015): 109 204
National composition:Tajiks and Kyrgyz
Confessional composition:  Muslims (Sunni)
The area: ​​4.6 thousand sq. Km
All times are: UTC + 5
Abbreviation: GA
Code ISO 3166-2: TJ.RR.GA
Coordinates: 39 * 01. w. and 70 * 22
Etnohronim: Garmi
Height above sea level : 1300-4200
Zip codes: 735450
Internet: domain .tj
Code of car numbers: 07 RT
Telephone code (+992): 3131
Total land area (ha): 461 260
Irrigated area (ha): 9036
Rainfed land (ha): 452 224
Arable land (hectares): 4 965
Gardens (ha): 1291
Vineyards (ha): 3
Mulberry (m): 189
Meadows (m): 373
Citrus (ha): 49
The area under the seedlings (ha): 0.01
Abandoned (m): 169
Pastures (ha): 168 245
Buildings: 375
Dehkan farms (kolkhoz kind): 1131
Number of branches FU (Bonk): 8
Official site www.rasht.tj