Puppet Theater of Dushanbe

In Tajikistan, since September 7, 1985 functions the only puppet theater in the city of Dushanbe, 54/1 Shotemur Street.

At the moment, this puppet theater in the native Tajik language is called “Teatri Luhtak”, it’s going through hard times due to the appearance of other means of information and entertainment such as parabolic antennas, Internet, DVDs, game consoles regardless of the economic difficulties of the country.

 building of the Puppet Theater

Photo of the building of the Puppet Theater

Workers of the Dushanbe Puppet Theater have been on tour several times in the following countries for several years: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Mongolia, Czechoslovakia, France, Iran, etc. Also foreign puppet shows in particular were put on display in Dushanbe.

The location of the Dushanbe Puppet Theater on the map

Phones: +992 (37) 221-66-58, 221-66-97.


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