Prosecutor’s of the Dushanbe city

The Prosecutor’s Office of the city of Dushanbe is located in the center of the capital of Tajikistan at 36 Tehron street. Landmark behind the building of the Parliament of the Republic or the Statistical Center of the Republic of Tajikistan. The building of the prosecutor’s office of Dushanbe city is their 2 floors and attic where about 25-30 offices. The roof of the Prosecutor’s Office building is covered with a metallic slate which is red and visible from far away.

Здание прокуратуры Душанбе

On the back (eastern side) there is a parking lot for cars that can be used by the population on a free basis. Unfortunately, there are no public transports near this institution, but such taxis as №13, 8, 16 and buses №3, trolleybus №1 pass nearby.

Road map

Working hours of the Prosecutor’s Office of the city of Dushanbe from 8:00 to 17:00 (lunch time from 12:00 to 12: 00-13: 00).

For communication with the population there are numbers (+992 37) 235-11-11, 227-80-77, 221-53-27. 227-53-08, Fax: 223-19-04.


Postal code: 734025.

Прокуратура Душанбе- городская !

Фото на вопрос “Где находится Прокуратура Душанбе” – городская !