Piala lake

Lake Piala (Bowl Lake) – Is one of the tiny oval lakes in Tajikistan. It is located on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan in Ayni district in the western part of the Hissar ridge Fan Mountains. They are located upper gorge Chapdara river, surrounded by the highest peaks of the Fan mountains in an area of 2.5 sq. km. Near the lake in the diameter of 5 km. They are also a few other tiny lakes with a diameter of 20-70 meters under the name Chapdara Lakes.

Photo Piala Lake (bowl Lake)

Photo Piala Lake (bowl Lake)

Piala Lake located at an altitude of 2 950 meters east of Chapdara Lakes 1.5 km away. On the banks there is no profusion of natural plants. The weather is warm in the summer, but the lake water is not suitable for swimming as it can freeze. This lake is often visited by foreign tourists.

Kuli Piyola

Kuli Piyola

Lake Piala are fresh and lively as the lake and its tributaries drain a constant (underground). Its water is mainly replenished by crystal clear underground stream and rivers.
Distance from Lake Piala to the capital of Tajikistan – Dushanbe city is about 119 km. on the road. To get to the lake is on foot because there is no road to the lake. The route towards the lake is almost identical to the lake Iskander. The nearest civilization to this lake are in a distance of 19 km. with the name “Village Marguzor”.

Location of Piala lake on the map

The geographical coordinates of Lake Piala: 39°13’21” north latitude and 68°14’56” east longitude. We also recommend to look for other lakes in Tajikistan link  >>>

That’s what tourists say:

On the way from Alaudin lake to Muddy lakes, a little away from the trail, there is a tiny almost perfectly circular lake with crystal clear and transparent waters. This lake Piala similar to bury the bowl, continuously fed by a stream, rapidly escaping from under the debris out. Every little pebble on the bottom of the lake is easily visible from shore and there is a feeling that it submit to the hand, and the lake very small. But it is worth to try to lift the stone as soon realize that this impression is deceptive.

The lake water is very cold and only a strong spirit and a healthy person to dare to swim in it. Near the top of the wall is a vertical Polytechnic, waylaid by the morning sunlight. From that lake in the morning for a long time in the shadows.


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