Penalty – Fine of traffic police in Tajikistan (table)

The size of the penalty – fine for violation of traffic rules in Tajikistan, in contrast to other countries, is relatively higher and this is due to the fact that it is necessary to increase the responsibility of persons who manage technical means and in particular cars.

According to the rules and laws of Tajikistan, the amount of fines must be paid at the offices of the GSS “Amonatbank” or if the traffic police officers offer to pay on site, it is possible to pay a fine if the traffic police officers give you a document confirming receipt of the amount – receipt.

Below is a table – a list of the main types of fines and their price-size.

  1. Passage to the red traffic light – from 150 to 250 somoni;
  2. Failure to comply with the lawful requirement of traffic police officers (DPS) – 150 to 500 somoni;
  3. Installation of additional equipment including diode lights – 150 to 250 somoni;
  4. Excess of speed from 50 to 150 somoni;
  5. Violation ruled from 150-250 somoni;
  6. Departure to the oncoming lane traffic vehicles, with the formation of congestion or exit in this case to the intersection – 250 to 300 somoni;
  7. Creation of an emergency situation – 150 to 250 somoni;
  8. Unauthorized curtains or tinting – 6250 somoni;
  9. Driving without a driver’s license (Rights) – 13000 somoni;
  10. Management of transport in a not sober (drunk) state – imprisonment from 10 to 15 years (prison);
  11. Transport management with right-hand drive – 500 somoni;
  12. Not the correct parking or set aside equipment in the wrong place – 70 -150 somoni;
  13. Using a mobile phone (without special devices) – 100-150 somoni;
  14. Management of equipment without inspection or insurance policy – 150 somoni;

If you are fined by a traffic policeman in Tajikistan, he will take away your documents (driver’s license and crust) from which he transfers to the Department of Homeland Security at the place of residence – registration. Of course, you will be free and have the opportunity to continue your traffic on your transport if the level of violation is not high. And if the violation is serous, then motor transport is selected prior to clarification.

In recent years, to check the amount and amount of fines online, special conditions have been developed by commercial organizations that have terminal equipment in cities and districts of Tajikistan. Alas, they do not always give correct information on fines. There are also special paid services for revealing the amount of fines (SDA RT), developed by cellular companies including T-Cell and Babylon Mobile, details of which are at the bottom in 2018.