Omar Khayam Street in Dushanbe city

The street “Omar Khayyam” (In Tajik: Kuchai Umari Khayom) in the city of Dushanbe is on the eastern side and is considered one of the most cozy and quiet streets in the capital of Tajikistan.

The total length of the street is 2.24 kilometers and the width is about 10-15 meters. The street originates from the south where Mirzo Tursunzadeh street ends and stretches north to the intersection of Rudaki Avenue.

Omar Khayyama Street in the city of Dushanbe

Photo of Omar Khayyam Street in Dushanbe (March 2018)

In general, Hayam Street in the city of Dushanbe crosses almost 10 streets. On both sides of the street there are pedestrian paths and a water tray along which trees are planted. In a word, the street is quite famous and it contains mostly residential 1-2-storey private houses.

There are also a number of public and private institutions, for example the Union of Composers of Tajikistan, the American Eye Clinic, the Marjona Restaurant, the Mirzo Tursunzade Museum, the International Organization of the Red Cross in Tajikistan and others.



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