Muddy Lakes

Muddy Lakes (taj Kulhoi Khira.) – a system of two lakes connected by their short 25-meter isthmus. It is located on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan Ayni district in the western part of the Hissar ridge Fan Mountains. They are located upper gorge Chapdara river, surrounded by the highest peaks of the Fan mountains – Chimtarga and Energy, Bodkhona castle, and slipping from their glaciers by 5.1 km. south of Lake Chapdara on an area 88 square meters. km.

Muddy Lakes

Photo Muddy Lakes

Muddy lake located at an altitude of 3511 meters to the east from the top Chimtarga. On the lake shore almost nothing grows except a few small herbs throw at her eyes. The weather in the summer not cold but water of lakes are not suitable for swimming. This lake is often frequently visited by foreign tourists.

To the lakes is steep trail. It is easy to make an excursion to the glacier Maria, but close to the icefall approach is not recommended, because at any moment can happen collapse of the upper ice. Before you get to the lake by Mutny sweats out Lake Bowl (Piyola) and beautiful Lake Chapdara.

Turbid lakes are half-dead lake because the actual outflow of water is not noticeable. Its water is mostly filled by the melting of the surrounding glaciers, which can be considered fresh. Stoke lake is likely to go underground and it springs from the unknown. In winter the lake freezes and turns around in the snow and icy ground.

Distance from Mutny lakes to the capital of Tajikistan – Dushanbe city is about 125 km. on the road. To get to the lake is on foot because there is no road to the lake. The route towards the lake is almost identical to the lake Iskander. The nearest civilization to muddy lakes are within a distance of 22 km. with the title “Village Marguzor”.

Place the Dark Lakes on the map

The landscape around the lake is different Mutny harsh grandeur. There’s no way to Alaudinov, cheerful lawns with flowers and forest warmed by the sun. Above muddy lakes hanging glaciers and snow clouds sown cereal, very close to the top of, and even proud Chimtarga does not seem inaccessible. On the shore of the Small muddy lake it is a convenient place for the camp. Despite a considerable height, the nights are not cold, and during the day in the sun you can walk in shorts and sunbathing.

A turbid lakes are many interesting tourist routes. Going up in a southerly direction through the pass Kaznok East (4040 m), you can get on the river Arges, and then, the lake Iskanderkul or the valley Archamaydana.

To the west, between five thousand meters – Chimtarga and Energy, at an altitude of 4740 m is Chimtarga pass. The path through the tall but technically simple pass-known magnificent panoramas, leads to Lake Big Allo.

Geographical coordinates Mutny Lakes: 39 ° 11’41 “north latitude and 68 ° 14’12” east longitude. We also recommend to look for other lakes in Tajikistan link