Melon – a type of cucumber from a family of pumpkin that grows in warm countries, although it is considered the birthplace of the countries of Central Asia and Asia Minor, as well as African countries.

Photo: Melon and Watermelon

Photo: Melon and Watermelon

By the nature of the melon prefers abundant heat and light, and thus can grow in salt, rain-fed, and warm sandy soils of the Earth. Although the love of Abundant water melon, but excessive soil moisture adversely affects its plant.

Usually one plant melon makes from 2 up to 10 melons weighing up to 20 kilograms. With one hectare, melon gives harvest volume of 10 tons in dry lands and 30-50 tons of irrigated lands.

In view of melon fruit that is oval and round sometimes, depending on the variety. As for the color of the melon they can life with white, yellow, brown and green.

Photo Summer Melons

Photo Summer Melons in Asia

Melon planted in the spring when the soil temperature at night is at least 10 degrees to aim, and it grows within 3-6 months. Period fruiting melon matures, when the air temperature during the day reaches at least 25 degrees to aim. The earliest melon matures in 2 months of age and the most late in the 6-month depending on the variety and the region.

Melon has a thousand-year history and the oldest mention in the book was the Bible. In practice, almost no wild melon found. For the first time in USA melon planted in the XVII century.

The people of Central Asia who grow the most delicious varieties of melon are very fond of, and attaches particular importance to him. Sometimes the Persians and the Turks eat melon bread that becomes incredibly delicious and can be replaced at least some food.

Tajik Melon

Tajik Melon

From the melon can be prepared for the winter jam reception as food and medicines. According to the people of Central Asia, the melon is a fruit of paradise and if you stole it from the box, it is not a sin.

While acknowledging the high status of melons, some governments such as Uzbekistan and Tajikistan annually in late summer to spend the holiday of melon on a specific date in the territory of the big cities and gets fairs, concerts, festivals and sales. This day is celebrated as the feast of honey and thus sold one thousand tons of melons. Thus farmers have shown the best of taste, variety and volume of melons that they were able to grow in a particular season.

Worth noting that in Tajikistan, built in the style of melon Teahouse (Tea House), with incredible beauty and size, which is unique in its architecture in the world.
Cost-melon is very profitable for farmers and very sought after in trade. On average, one hectare of land at world prices can earn from 3 to 20 thousand. Dollars of net profit if planted and expertly groomed field of melons. The average price of melons from 0.5 $ 1.0 $ depending on the variety, taste, region and season.
Melon grows in deep kultirovannom soil. It grows each year from seed and it eats grass as cattle. Plant seeds at a depth of 3-4 cm., And before planting the seeds for 4-5 days in the wet warm water and keep in a dark place.
The main enemy of the melon fields are: Caterpillar (up to 1 month. During growth), fungi (1-3mes.) And porcupine (at maturity). Melon weight averages 5-10 kg. the length of which reaches up to 100 cm. and a height of 40 cm.

Winter  Melons

Winter grade Melons

The earliest variety of melon is “Obi set” which matures in 2-3 months after planting, and it is usually a round, yellow or green, fragrant and fast-spoiling.
Then the most delicious melons ripen in August and September, the month that the color white and have huge dimensions. Summer melons are delicious and have a very thin skin.
The most recent grade of melon ripens in October called winter melon variety. Winter varieties of color a bit brown and stored up to 3-4 months. On the palate, they are different from other varieties of melon, and their skin is very thick. In the world we know up to 20 species of melon and the best of the best varieties are on the territory of Central Asia.

Video of the holiday melon


Melon also has medicinal properties and thus easy to digest intestines whether it is an infant or older. Men eating melon become even more courageous and better express themselves in intimate (sex) contacts. Some well-informed women want their husbands to eat more melon because it helps in the conception of the boys on the womb.

The composition of melons are vitamins such as A, F, C, carotene, folic, askorbinka, fat, salt, iron, potassium, sodium. Melon watermelon significantly in relation sladche but not tiring thirst.

Green melon

Green melon

Melon photo

Melon photo



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