Mehrgon market in Dushanbe – modern bazaar

Mehrgon is a new and modern food market in Dushanbe – the capital of Tajikistan, put into operation in September 2014. The total market area is approximately 30 thousand square meters. The market is built on the amount of about 40 million US dollars from the construction company “Story complex”.

Photo of the Mehrgon market building from the inside (December 2017).

Photo of the Mehrgon market building from the inside (December 2017).

The market of Mehrgon was built due to the withdrawal of the Putovsky market (Barakat) from the center of the capital of Tajikistan and the opera building was built on its place. In 2010, the government intends that with the destruction of the Barakat market, the population will go for a purchase in the market Mehrgon which was formerly called Poytaht 90, but alas this dream did not come true and then the city authorities closed another food market in late 2017 named Shohmansur and forced expelled sellers from this market to the market of Mehrgon.

Мехргон Душанбе

The picture shows how things are and it seems that so far customers are few and most people are not accustomed to this new market. Usually inside the market building, Mehrgon is clean and quiet but the prices there are high. Those who want to buy products at low prices then they are looking for goods outside the building (more precisely, from the eastern part). Outside the building, the products cost about 30-70% cheaper. All this will depend on the fact that the cost of rent and maintenance of the building is quite expensive and naturally the sellers burden these burdens on the prices of the goods sold.


Inside the building, Mehrgon is beautiful enough, stylish, not noisy and comfortable. The total area of the market building Mehrgon is about 10 thousand square meters. meters. It consists of 3 floors and inside the building is mainly sold, fruits, tortillas, legumes, meat, chuck, and dried fruits. Outside the market, mainly vegetables, household goods, including kitchen utensils, construction goods and clothing, are sold.

Здания Мехргон с наружи

Здания Мехргон с наружи

By the way, inside the building on the second and third floor there are shops of clothes and service salons including financial services, communication services, etc. Renting places inside the building costs about 10-20 somoni per square meter per day.

Telephones of the administration of Poytaht: (+992) 44-625-90-90


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