MBO Tajikistan – Special courses center

Special courses taught by the MBO which is known in the city of Dushanbe as “YED GIR” are included in TOP-3 of the best non-governmental institutions of teaching residents of Tajikistan foreign languages, programming lessons, computer programs and 1C accounting.

This institution was established in the beginning of 2010 by several young citizens of Tajikistan who received higher professional education in the US and they with the initiative created such an advanced institution in their homeland.

At the moment, MBO (MBO) – EDGIR as a legal entity has more than 8 branches in Dushanbe and one representative office in the city of Isfara. The level of quality of services is comparatively better than in other centers of Dushanbe and provided also good conditions. Alas, their prices are relatively more expensive than in other centers of the city of Dushanbe. Given all the factors, they do not guarantee quality – the effectiveness of their work.

МБО Ёдгир

Head Office photo

The number of customers they have a lot and therefore do not advertise themselves in the media including Radio, Television, Street banners, brochures and others. Their management is very competent and they have established all their work very professionally. They have a frequently updated website at www.mbo.tj in which you can find almost everything that the client is interested in.

In this center you can study in:

  1. English Language(levels: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediat Advanced);
  2. German;
  3. Russian language (levels from 1 to 4 is a successful passing of testing at this level indicates the free knowledge of the Russian language, close to the level of the native speaker.);
  4. Chinese language (levels: HSK 1, HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 4, HSK 5, HSK 6 and HSK 7);
  5. 1C accounting;
  6. Computer (Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point and e-mail);
  7. Programming courses (Creating an Android application, HTML5 + CSS3 + Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX, Php + MySQL, Laravel MVC Framework, CodeIgniter MVC Framework):
    Additionally, on individual terms, services are provided for translating documents and delivering children to private taxis.

Location map of the Head Office:

Branch network and contacts:

  1. Head office: st. 1-st passage Shota Rustaveli, house 14 (landmarks: RTSU, registrar). Tel: 907-28-90-01, (227-32-87, 227-32-97);
  2. Branch in 84-microdistrict: st. B. Gafurova, house 33 (landmark: near the building of “Milano Fashion”) +992 235-71-70, +992 (93) 923-70-70;
  3. Branch 102 microdistrict: Address: N. Makhsum Street, 11 (landmark restaurant Shakhriyor). Tel: 93-111-63-63; 2-37-63-63;
  4. Branch in 33 microdistrict: st. Mushfiki 4 (reference point: “Orienbonk” 33 mkr). Tel: 238-29-29, +992 (93) 538-29-29;
  5. Branch Bus station: address ул. Asadullo Gulomova (reference point: behind the bus station and the market). Tel: 235-32-23, +992 93-9000-932;
  6. Branch 46 microdistrict: st. Jami 35a (landmark: the cinema “Tajikistan”). Tel: 231-99-30, +992 93-9000-930;
  7. Branch of Dushanbeshahr: Rudaki 119. Phone: 224-00-64, +992 (93) 988-38-86;
  8. Zebo Branch: Firdavsi 62/1 (reference: Zebo shopping center, 65 md.) Tel: +992 (93) 123-65-65.
  9. Branch in the city of Isfara: Complex “Marhabo”. Phone:; 92.744.06.05;
Back side of MBO professional

Back side of MBO professional