Masaj Tashkent – Uzbekistan

Massage services in Tashkent has become sought-after due to the fact that some of this by offering porn and sexual services. In this regard, in the declarations, those who offer sex services under the guise of massage, they often mask off by the word “therapeutic massage”, “Universal massage”, “prostate massage” “massage for men”, “Massage the individual”, “Massage by If you wish, aroma and oil “,” massage at my house or at your departure, “” Russian girls massage “,” massage beautiful young girl “” Thai massage “and phrases like these that attract men.

Massage Tashkent - Uzbek

Massage Tashkent – Uzbek

Usually men are looking for stress relief beautiful girls for erotic and sexual needs, despite the fact that this religion forbids it, the state and their wives. If a man wanted to be discharged, he is looking for on the Internet and elsewhere what he needs. But the cute girls and women to earn money and at the same time get to enjoy some of them offer massage services on a paid subject.

Usually the girls who offer sex services during the massage will introduce the caller and frank in their behaviors and they are easy to understand what they are ready. Since comprehensive sex services in Tashkent and other cities of Uzbekistan is forbidden, but still black runs and seduces is the representatives of the law (police, police) and thus makes it possible to be in a financial disadvantage participants in this market despite the spread of various diseases and increase the depraved behaviors of its citizens.

Previously, sex services in Tashkent was a bit without control, but day by day it all away from the streets on certain corners and are available around the clock. As these parts are such places like baths, saunas, spa and residential premises are rented.


All this does not mean that all involved in the porn masseuse services, but only that part which is very hot or gambling – hungry for money. It is a pity that the Uzbek sex is now the price has become more expensive, well, this is already includes massage services.

Even there, the market appeared massages for women and girls by men who write ads in the following title “The man doing massage” or “Massage stronger sex for tender” means that the same scenario, but not in institutions and at home.

The main consumers of massage services in Tashkent and across Uzbekistan are mostly men, and then the children and last woman. Most often in demand by clients to masseuses are foreigners who are willing to pay better and behave decently.

The average price of an ordinary massage costs $ 3 per half hour which is made by hand or special machine. Top-quality massages performed for luxury VIP (VIP) customers Bagach who pay 20 to 50 bucks and the bole of the 1-hour massage. Intimate massage is in the area from 20 to 100 dollars depending on a number of factors.

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