Tajik Manti in Dushanbe city

Mantas Tajik do you want to order yourself at home or in the workplace?

Recently, the cuisine called “Chujai Biryon” has become popular in Dushanbe, where they cook the most delicious manti in the city of Dushanbe and deliver free of charge to their customers around the city. The price of the mantle is 2 somoni and in the portion there are 6 pieces. It is possible for 30 somoni very tasty to eat where you are given a portion of manti with broth, bread, St. John’s wort or chakka and also tea or compote. (Prices for 2017).

Манты Душанбе

This point was recommended by friends who understand the Tajik cuisine. This kitchen is located in the center of Dushanbe in the southern part of the Opera Ballet before reaching the Wave store.

Манты душанбе

Inside this kitchen there are wooden tables somewhere 5-6 pieces where you can come and eat manta’s friends for dinner or in the evening. There are also TVs in which they put clips or movies. In general, it’s a cozy place for small meetings, but with great delights.

Address: Nisora Muhammad No. 1.

Contacts-phone: +992 933 11-11-02, +992 227-88-84.

Map of location – location

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