Letter to Marketing agency of Uzbekistan

Dear Marketing agency UZ

Hello, my name is Lee and I am a student of Seneca college in Toronto, Canada. I am currently taking [export marketing] course and I have a team assignment for this course.
Since my team needs to decide the product and the country to export and make a business report, we decided to export a solar panel power box to Uzbekistan (for assignment plan, not for real).
sdsWhile we are looking for an agency, we found this great company. Since we need to price the product based on many factors such as freight, manufacture, advertising, agency, warehouse and so on, could you please let me know the estimated price of using your company’s service? We’d like to assume to use full service you could provide.
It doesn’t have to be accurate, we just want to know approximate number. Could you please let us know the price, and send an email to ljudngeun@mysenecsda.ca please? We are looking forward to your reply and thank you so much for reading. We would really appreciate to have your answer.

I hope you have a great day.


Нест бодо Ғуломӣ