language training center SADR

SADR is a language training center in the city of Dushanbe that deals with the education of children and adults who wish to learn English or Russian. The Sadr Training Center works officially and has relevant licenses in the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan. This institution has 3 branches including:

  1. City of Dushanbe, Mayakovskogo street 91. Landmark (Meat boulevard in the 33-district of the capital of Tajikistan Phone: 918-62-00-86 or 44 625-69-47;
  2. On the territory of the shopping center Mardon.
  3. On the territory of the House-press.

The price of the course is 150 somoni (daily) if every day from Monday to Friday is held at a 1-astronomical hour, lessons are given. They work 6 days a week except Sunday.

садр душанбе

SADR CENTER (1-st flour)

True speaking they have them although the prices are not high but the conditions for training are not high so as inventory including tables and chairs in a deplorable state. They work in rented apartments – renting not spacious places. As for teachers, they are also not very talented. Among the teachers there are citizens of Afghanistan and teach the dialects the English language that distorts intonation and diction.

The very name of the center is taken from the word “Sadriddin” the estate of the founder of this center which appeared in the beginning of the 21st century in the city of Dushanbe. The founder of this organization studied in the United States and organized this institution which developed strongly in the late 90s.


Data are indicated at the beginning of 2018.