Konibodom (Kanibadam)

Kanibadam – a district and city with a population of 140 thousand and an area of 83 thousand sq. kilometers located in Tajikistan formed in 1937. The district administrative center is the city of Kanibadam.


Photo Konibodom

Kanibadam is located in the south-western part of the Fergana Valley, in the Grand Fergana Canal, held on the southern outskirts of the city, 6 km. from the railway station Kanibadam Sughd province of Tajikistan.

In the native language of the city \ area is called “Konibodom”, which means “field Almond”. In reality, historically it was. This is due to the climatic conditions suitable for gardening almond trees and similar to it in the family.

Apricots of Kanibadam


Konibodom map

Map Kanibadam

Today in Kanibadam very huge apricot orchards have no analogues in the world for the quality of its varieties and taste of apricots. Kanibadam annual budget in 2015 of about 10 mln. US dollars.
Location area is that it is constantly wind and sometimes very harsh and this is due to the fact that the area is located along the Syrdarya river and between the two lent mountains of the Fergana Valley.

Kanibadam is one of the top best city-region of Tajikistan in terms of cultural development, since the area at the level of government ministries, departments and public works or has worked advanced talented experts activists.

Kanibadam history: The town was first mentioned in the historical facts of the IX century, according to some sources, there was more to the VIII-X centuries. Archaeological excavations conducted in the area Kanibadam show that cultural settlements in the area of the city existed in the second millennium BC. e.

Oim (XVII .)

Oim (XVII .)

The city has a Drama theatre, Museum, College of Technology, 3 colleges, teacher training college, medical school. Preserved madrassas 2: World Rajab-Dodho (XVI century.) And AMI (XVII century.), The mosque, mausoleum of Langar-Bobo.

Industry: In Kanibadam have cotton processing factories and enterprises on processing agricultural products, spinning factory and a refinery. In Soviet times, also worked on the production of auto parts factory and creamery. The city produced items of folk art and crafts. Also, agricultural development.

Photos of Kanibadam:

The market of Kanibadam

The market of Kanibadam

The President in Kanibadam

The President in Kanibadam



Kanibadam town tower

Kanibadam town tower

Видео о Канибадаме:


Key data of Kanibadam in 2016

Name in Russian Kanibadam
Head of district Chairman
A country Tajikistan
Status administrative region
Belongs Sughd region
Includes 1 city, 9 rural communities
Administrative center City Kanibadam
Date of formation 1937
official languages Tajik
Population (2016). 140 020
National composition Tajik, Uzbek, Kirgiz
Confessional Composition Musulman – sunni
Area (thous.) 0.8 км²
Timezone UTC+5
Abbreviation KO
Code ISO 3166-2 TJ.SO.KO
Coordinates 40°17′00″ с. ш.70°25′00″ в. д.
Etnohronim Konibodomi
Height above sea level (in meters) 400
Zip codes 735900
Internet domain ‘.tj
Code license plates 01 RT
Telephone code (+992) 3467
Total land area (ha) 82 894
Irrigated area (ha) 23 927
Rainfed land (ha) 58 967
Arable land (hectares) 10 533
Gardens (ha) 8 770
Vineyards (ha) 70
Mulberry (ha) 443
Meadows (ha) 0
Citrus (ha) 1
The area under the seedlings (ha) 5
Abandoned (ha) 0
Pastures (ha) 6 518
Agricultural land
Buildings 625
Dehkan farms (kolkhoz kind) 2 967
Official site www.konibodom.tj

Phones and contact structures Kanibadam:

  • Chairman of the district – (3467) 32244
  • The prosecutor’s office – (3467) 32610
  • Court – (3467) 32671
  • Military Commissariat – (3467) 32089
  • Police – (3467) 32506
  • Unti-Fire – (3467) 32601
  • Clinic – (3467) 32404
  • Post – (3467) 32121
Great person of Konibdom:
  1. Bobo Tabib Fargoni – medieval poet;
  2. Abdullatif Hoji Korii Khisori – poet, writer of XIX century;
  3. Hafizkhon Makhsum – the end of XIX, the beginning of the XX century, the grandson of Abdulatifhocha Korii Khisor;
  4. Negmat Karabayev – first hero of the Soviet Union, the Central Asian republics of the USSR, 1940 .;
  5. Kamille Yarmatovich Yarmatov (1903-1978) – Soviet, Tajik and Uzbek actor, film director; screenwriter. People’s Artist of USSR (1959). Hero of Socialist Labor (1973);
  6. Tuhfa Fazylovna Fazylova (1917-1985) – an opera singer, People’s Artist of the USSR (1957);
  7. Lutfi Zahidov (1925-1995) – dancer, performer of folk dances, People’s Artist of the USSR (1957);
  8. Abdulahad Kakharovich Kakharov – Soviet party and state leaders, the chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic (1961-1973);
  9. Murtazaev Qayyum Murtazaevich (1926-1982) – statesman and party leader, secretary of the Komsomol, the 1st secretary of the city committee of the Tashkent and Bukhara Regional Party Committee, Chairman of the State Committee of the Uzbek SSR;
  10. Burkhon Farrukh -Poet;
  11. Ali Bobodzhon -Poet.
  12. Shukhrat Rasul – Singer.

Weather forecast of Kanibadam:


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