Jasmine – Aesthetic clinic in Dushanbe

The medical and aesthetic clinic “Jasmin” is one of the leading centers for health improvement, treatment and relaxation in the city of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. This center is located on the first floor of a 5-storey building along Mirzo Tursunzade Street next to the GRAND-HOTEL hotel on an area of 150-200 square meters.

Жасмин Душанбе

The clinic was renamed in Tajik as “Yosuman” which is also very beautiful and attractive. Usually there is a lot of people and their clients are full and therefore they do not respond very politely to phone calls. This suggests that they in this segment have little competition and therefore such factors are felt in their activities.

The main services of the Jasmine Clinic are:

  1. Cosmetology;
  2. Neurology;
  3. Gynecology;
  4. SPA procedures;
  5. Hirudotherapy – treatment of various diseases using a medical leech;
  6. Dentistry;
  7. And finally, “4D Uzi Diagnostics”;

In general, about 15 doctors of various professions work in Jasmine: therapists, ultrasound doctors, dentists-dentists, neurologists, females, leech specialists and cosmetologists. In a word, the best young specialists in the field of medicine work here using advanced technologies and methods.

Жасмин – Эстетическая клиника в Душанбе

They work from 9:00 to 16:00 all week without holidays. To get their services it is desirable to make an appointment by phone, and then come to them for receiving the service.

The overall situation in Jasmine is quite all modern and clean. Employees communicate with customers at an average level although their prices are 40-80% higher than in government institutions. The population of the city of Dushanbe visits “Jasmine” in order to correct the body-figures with the help of medical and health-improving procedures, stimulate muscles, apply the rest of the whole organism and strengthen the circulatory system in vascular systems, taking into account the micro-circulation of metabolism. Among services, the treatment of dental diseases and the improvement of the type of teeth are also in demand.


In 2018 year

Services list Price (in TJS) 
1 Inspection and consultation of the dentist 13
2 Prick against sensitivity for dental treatment with the help of “Lidocaine” or “Lidocor gel”. 12
3 Healing filling of “Ionobond” calcium 32
4 Medical seal ionomernaya – laser Calcimol LC
5 Photopolymer seal “Ceram IKS” or “Grandio” 100
6 Tooth whitening (4pcs) 126
7 Anchor stick 36
8 Inspection and consultation of a neurologist 30
9 Stretching the spine 84
10 Hydrocolonotherapy 130
11 Hirudotherapy 25
12 Inspection and consultation of a dermatologist-cosmetologist 30
13 Turkish massage 125
14 Anti-cellulite massage – chocolate 199
15 Technical cleaning of the face 110
16 Cleaning teeth from stones with the help of a scaler 44
17 Inspection and consultation of a gynecologist 44
18 Electrophoresis 12
19 Cosmetic Facial Massage 62
20 Special treatment for men 124



Republic of Tajikistan, 734025.
City of Dushanbe, Mirzo Tursunzade street, 13/23.
Phone: (+992) 227-05-73
E-mail: info@jasmin.tj
Website: www.jasmin.tj




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