The Jal-Jam or Chal-Cham construction market is also her name, located in the Sino district, the city of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. It was established in 1997 on the territory of the Jewelry Factory along Rahmon Nabiyev Street and Dehti Street (former Shestopavlov Street). The total area of the market is 2.6 hectares.

Photo market Jaljam (southern gate)

Photo market Jaljam (southern gate)

The Jal-Jam market is specialized for the sale of building materials in particular:

  1. Iron materials (pipes, gratings, gates, latches, fittings, sheets, nails);
  2. Wooden materials (boards, doors, windows, slats, fiberboard, chipboard, plywood, wood, parquet, laminate);
  3. Facing materials (wallpaper, tiles, paints, putty, primer, brushes, etc.);
  4. Electra and sanitary materials (wiring, light bulbs, systems, hoses, etc.);

Prices: In the market of Dzhaladzham, prices for building materials are not cheap. That is, those prices that you see in Jaljam are the same you can meet in the Sultoni market booths. For example, tiles if in Djaldam cost 50-60 soms, then in other markets of the capital of Dushanbe are similar.

Usually, any person with his car can enter the market territory if he pays an entry fee of 2 somoni. But for those who do not have cars, they can order a taxi or trucks that are located around the market. There, such cars are eating Chinese Porters and Soviet GAZs.

Рынок Джал джам (Чал-чам) – строительный базар

You can get to this market with your own car and park alongside the market, but alas there are a lot of cars. And those who want to get on public transport can use the fixed-route taxi for number 2, 10 and 19.

Around the market are also located special workshops for working with wooden, iron and plastic materials that prepare Wooden or plastic windows-doors, iron gates and doors.

Alas, this market is located in the inhabited space of the city of Dushanbe and makes many inconveniences for the residents of the capital. The government is considering resettlement of this market outside the capital.



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