Istiqlol city in Tajikistan (Taboshar)

The city of Istiklol (formerly Taboshar) is located in the northern part of Tajikistan with a territory of 33 km² and a population of 17 thousand people in 2018 is located in the Sogd region of the country and is considered one of the best industrial cities in Tajikistan.

In Tajik, the city is called “ISTIQLOL” which means “Independence” and this name was given to him on March 29, 2012. The city of Istiqlol is famous for its uranium mining in Soviet times and this unique element was sent to the creation of atomic bombs of the Soviet Union.

To this day in this city there is no uranium mining, but there are several other enterprises operating both in heavy industry and easy with the investment of Chinese investors. In this connection, in 2017, 2 metallurgical enterprises began to co-exist, each of which will have a capacity of 50 thousand tons of lead and zinc, workshops for the production of spare parts for the mining industry, sulfuric acid and batteries to provide more than 1.2 thousand inhabitants of the city with work.

Photo of the city Istiklol (Taboshar)

Photo of the city Istiklol (Taboshar)

There is an enterprise “Nukrafom” engaged in the processing of the waste of the silver mine “Kanchol”, whose capacity is 40 thousand tons of waste silver mine, equivalent to 2 tons of silver per year. In general, the city’s economy is based on industry and in the year the GDP is more than 100 million US dollars (2017).


The city of Istiqlol is located along the mountains named Kurama, which is a part of the Tian-Shan symphony, which was located from the northern part of the city. Mount Kurama oche is rich in semi-meteoric minerals. Back in the early 1930s, from the side of Russian geologists BNNasledov, AV Korolev. Valfson F.I. In this territory, a deposit was found with more than 300 types of minerals. In 1940-1990, such elements as uranium, thorium, radium, gold, bismuth and precious stones were extracted from deposits.

Location: Istiklol is located 34 km from the city of Khujand. The length of the city of Istiklol is 10 kilometers. The entire territory of the city of Istiklol is surrounded by the lands of the Bobojon of the Gaffur district. The boundaries of the city are:

  • From the west of the river “Tushkuruk” or the village “Takmok” length of 4 kilometers.
  • From the east above the altitude of 1300 meters above sea level, since the street Devastich, Temurmalik and Vose kotor have a length of up to 10 kilometers from the city center;
  • The southern part of the city is located where the bread factory is to the village of Takmok.

The climate of the city is considered as Subtropical-continental (dry). In January, the air temperature averages 0 degrees Celsius to -15 degrees Celsius cold, but in July from +25 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius heat.

Istiklol city center (photo 2010)

Istiklol city center (photo 2010)

Settlements of the city:

  1. Aini,
  2. Navoi,
  3. Dusty,
  4. Somoniyon,
  5. Umari Haim

Population. Until 1990, the population of the city of Istiklol (Taboshar) had a trend to increase and amounted to 25,000 people, mainly Russians, Germans, Ukrainians, Tatars and other nationalities. After gaining the country’s independence, the majority of the city’s residents left it and it was very empty, the reason for which was the departure of these nations to their homelands as well as simple metallurgical plants. To this day, the city’s population, with the advent of new foreign investments, recovered again and reached almost early Soviet numbers.


The town of Taboshar (now Istiqlol) was founded in 1938. In 1968 he received the status of a small town. According to historical records of 1489, it was revealed that the Mongolian peoples named Kurama lived here.

The name of the city itself is of Turkic origin and consists of “Tov” which means (Horus) and from the word “oshar” which means (Passage) and thus makes sense “Passage between the mountains”. But there is another meaning between the inhabitants of the city. Due to the fact that the city is located at a height of more than 1 kilometer above sea level and when you enter it, your mood will change, and therefore in the city name there are 2 Persian words “Tab” and “oshar” that translates as “Mood and increase” .


Administration of the Prosecutor’s Office of Istiklol:

Postal code: 735731
Street: Medium, house number 6.
Phones: (+992 3465) 25554


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