Istaravshan – formed by May 11-th, 1936 and it is one of the largest and at the same time, the oldest district / city of Tajikistan, located in the northern part of the country in the geographical center of the Sughd province. Istravshan territory (district) is 763 square kilometers where 185 thousand people live (2016). Administrative center of the district is Istravshan City with a population of 60 thousand.

Photos Istaravshan Tajikistan (Mug Castle)

Photo – Istaravshan / Tajikistan (Mug Castle)

Geography of Istaravshan

Istaravshan partially considered a mountainous area and it is from the city of Khujand in the distance of 90 km. and the city of Dushanbe 200 km. The minimum height above sea level in the territory Istravshan of 900 and a maximum of 1500 meters. From the west to the border of Jizzakh region of Uzbekistan, in the east with Ganchi region, c Zafarabatskim north and south with Shahriston District. Another common term Istaravshan is located in the foothills of Turkestan range.
Weather in Continental Istravshan where summers are hot and the winter is very cold. The air temperature in the winter is released to -25 in the summer rises to 37 degrees to aim. Annual precipitation averages 300 mm. Recent snow in this region fall in late March or early April.

Stretch of water - Lake Kara Sakal

Stretch of water – Lake Kara Sakal

Soil Istaravshan district has high inventories and weak for the introduction of the farm. Most of the territory of the district consists of mountains in height from one thousand to one and a half thousand which mainly consist of whitish soil and rocky.

In Istravshan no river on which water flowed all year round and that’s why people pitched artificial reservoir on the area of about 1.5 square kilometers, located 7.2 kilometers south from the center of Istaravshan.

Administrative division of Istaravshan

Map of Istaravshan - Urotepa

Map of Istaravshan

Istravshan known for its former name as Kurushkada, Kiropol, Ustrushana, Suyduyshana, Uroteppa. On the Tajik language is written as “Noҳiyai Istaravshan” and pronounce the English “Nohiyai Istaravshan”.

The structure consists of Istaravshan District 1 city – Istaravshan and 10 large rural community called Jamoat.

Thus: City Istaravshan has a population of 60,241, Jamoat Nidzhani – 7691, Frunze – 11 002 Communism – 22 190 Guli Surkh – 28 801 Poshkand – 13 188 True – 11 489 Dzhavkandak – 7601, Leninabad – 11 511, Cala Baland – 6814, Nofarodzh – 7299.

Istaravshan from satellite

Photos Istaravshan

Photos Istaravshan Raion

Photos Istaravshan district

Center of Istaravshan


Market of Istaravshan


Teahous restrum


Istaravshan - Urotepa city or town


Торговый Центр в Истаравшане

Торговый Центр


 Video about Istaravshan – Urotepa

The people and the economy of Istaravshan

Residents Istaravshan time immemorial famous not heroism and art and skill as they master the glorious wood and iron products. Tourists who visit Istaravshan can buy the unique knives at affordable prices and to see a national teahouse to admire the works of the masters of this glorious region. Citizens living in Istaravshan proud of their honesty, hard-working, and the city which has a history of 2500 years Bole.

In Istravshan except flour mills and factories for the production of beverages under the brand RS Cola no longer has large enterprises. Istaravshan residents are mainly engaged in agriculture and develop successful trading. Also operates Sanatorium Uroteppa.

Hotel Istaravshan


Knife of Istaravshan


Home national Tajik



Telephones basic public authority Istaravshan

District Administration: 8_3454 22244
Prosecutors: 8_3454 20442
Court: 8_3454 20050
Military Commissariat: 8_3454 21985
Police: 21652 8_3454
Fire: 8_3454 27704
Hospital – Clinic 8_3454 27504
Post 8_3454 21635
Bank (AIB): 8_3454 2-48-49, 630-64-00

Bank branch (AIB)

Bank branch (AIB)

The building of the district administration

District administration

Development and strengthen the public education system. In 2015, the number of schools was 65 and 50 thousand. Students. . Teachers with higher and secondary special education of 3 thousand, 24 teachers are honored teacher of the Republic of Tajikistan, more than 350 – Excellence in Public Education, about 320 of them were awarded orders and medals.

The district has 20 child care centers, kindergartens, children’s homes, children’s sanatoriums and boarding school sanatorium. Powered Radio Istaravshan Avis brand in the 104,2 FM band. and Radio 92.2 FM dunyo Istaravshan.

Gate of Istaravshan

Gate of Istaravshan

On guard of health of residents of Istaravshan operate 400 skilled physicians and more than 999 junior medical staff. Central Hospital on 950 beds with 19 offices. There is a district hospital for infectious diseases, Drug mental hospital, TB prophylactic center, Skin and Venereal Diseases Clinic, interregional urology department, two district hospitals, 54 health clinics, 28 medical-houses, sanitary-epidemiological station, health education room, children’s and adult clinics, denture clinics, tubes -dispanser with a hospital for children with 100 beds, a pharmacy.

25 km north-west of the city of Istaravshan, at an altitude of 654 meters above sea level located boreholes Havatag. Hot mineral water chloride-sodium type, weakly alkaline, silicon treats mainly STI, women’s diseases, sciatica – rheumatism, liver and stomach. In 1954 he built baths for 70 beds. Currently, the sanatorium “Havatag” in the season takes up to one thousand patients.

In the Cardiology sanatorium “Uroteppa” rest and treated annually 350-400 people from all over the republic and neighboring countries. For the public opened their personal libraries “Koshonai Sadi” Bobohodzhaev Akbar, “Pandey Sino” Nabi Nazarov, “Koshonai Dilshod Barno” Tadzhiniso Abduzhalilova where total personal library fund is more than 12 thousand copies. books.


Clip – Music Nigina Amonqulova and Lenin Sculpture (Baht).

Develops physical culture and sports. There is a stadium with 15 thousand seats and sports tracks. Grown good athletes. Now the city is living world champion taekwondo Kalonov A. (1998)



In the city of Istaravshan many ancient medieval monuments, 7 of them historic monuments of national significance, 14 monuments of urban values, 30 monuments of regional importance, 59 archaeological sites of national significance, among which are the fort Moog-Teppa, the fortress Kah-kaha, Childuhtaron madrassah Kuk-Gumbaz, the mausoleum Bobotago, Khudoyor Bal’ami, Hazrat Schoch, ensemble Sari Mazor, Chorgumbaz, 5 apartment houses Rakhmatova Haidar, Abdullah Shamsieva and others.

Советский союз СССР istaravshan-qaala_mug- Исторический Город истаравшан

Ленин в Истаравшане

Key indicators Istaravshan 


Title in English : Istaravshan district
The head of the district: Chairman
Country: Tajikistan
Title: Administrative District
Included: Sughd Province
Includes: 1 town, 10 rural communities
Administrative center: town Istaravshan
Inception Date: 11 May 1936
Official languages: Tajik
Population (2015.): 185112
Ethnic composition: the Tajiks, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz
Confessional Composition: Sunni Muslims
Area: 0.7 km²
Time zone: UTC + 5
Abbreviation: UR
Code ISO 3166-2: TJ.SO.UR
Coordinates: 39 ° 54’39 “with. w. 69 ° 00’23 “a. d.
Etnohronim: Istaravshantsy
Height above sea level (in action): From 950 to 1500 meters
Postal Code: 735610
Internet domain: .tj
Code of car numbers: 02 RT
Telephone code: (+992) 3454
The total land area (ha): 68746
Irrigated area (ha): 20728
Rainfed land (ha): 48018
Arable land (ha): 25006
Gardens (ha): 1873
Vineyards (ha): 3470
Mulberry (ha): 454
Meadows (ha): 0
Citrus (ha): 1
The area under the seedlings (ha): 0.7
Abandoned (ha): 222
Pastures (ha): 21219
Houses 1731
Dehkan farms (kolkhoz kind) 1466
Official website:

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