Isfara (Isfara district.) – it is a district in Tajikistan with the administrative center of the city of Isfara, with popuatioon more than 208 thousand people and the territory of 881 square kilometers. Located in the north-eastern part of Tajikistan as part of Sughd province of Tajikistan. Isfara is known for its sanatorium “Zumrad” great carvers and trees.

Photo of the building of the Administration of the Istra district

Photo of the building of the Administration of the Isfra district

Isfara district (Isfara) formed January 31, 1927 and is considered one of the cultural and economic development of the region. The area is one of the mountainous regions of the country and the issue of the production of products -hozyaystvennyh rural segments of the lack of sufficient land noble considerably weak.

The word Isfara according to some means “place of rest” and today is a lot of evidence in this regard. Even in the “X” at the state of Samanids -veke Isfara town existed.

Photo teahouse Isfara

Photo teahouse Isfara

Geography Isfara:

Isfara is located between the mountains of Turkestan at an altitude of 800 to 1,400 meters above sea level. The distance from the center of the city of Isfara to Khujand 108 km. and to the capital is 450 km.

Isfara district has an administrative arrangement between Kanibadam RT area from the west, from the north by the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Kyrgyzstan to the south east. The climate is continental and Isfara rainfall mainly from October to April with the falling of rain and snow in the volume of 200-400 mm. In winter the temperature is released in the summer to -25 and +35 degrees Celsius. The soil in Isfara mostly rocky and bolschinsvo territory is occupied by empty mountain without trees or greenery. Weather Isfara mostly favorable for the cultivation of apricots. Through the territory of the district to pass the river called Isfarinka.

Isfara in Map

Isfara Map

The administrative structure of Isfara district:

Isfara district is made up of the 1 town, 4 urban-type settlements and 9 rural communities, including:

  1. Isfara town – is considered the administrative center of the district with a population of more than 40 thousand people.. It was formed in 1952 and is an industrial, commercial, and cultural development of the (relatively) the city of Tajikistan.
  2. Shurab  – famous for coal mine of JSC “Angisht”. The population of about 6 thousand. and there is this town since the IXX century.
  3. Nefteabad town – with a population of more than 5 thousand people.. The settlement was established in the Soviet period as a settlement of oil and gas producers. At this point the town in the regression.
  4. Village Nurafshon (CMM) – appeared in 1909 as an oil settlement. The population of almost 1.6 thousand. Man.
  5. Navgilem (Jamoat) – Located in the northeastern part of the district. The population of 30 thousand. People and territory of 3.2 thousand. Ha. Formed July 28, 1919 and it is mainly grown apricots.
  6. Khonobod (Jamoat) – the largest village with a population of nearly 10 thousand people.. The inhabitants are engaged in agriculture, trade and animal husbandry.
  7. Кулканд (Джамоат) – Образован 28 июля 1919 года и общая территория 3 128 га. Население составляет почти 20 тыс. человек которые в основном занимаются бахчеводством и выращивание абрикосов и яблоки.
  8. Шахрак (Джамоат) – население составляет около 15 тыс. человек. Расположен 25 километров севернее от центра района.
  9. Chilgazi – A well-known village in an area with a population of over 14 thousand people.. It specialized in agriculture.
  10. Lakkon (Jamoat) – a small village with a population of more than 6 thousand people.. Named after Ozekrita mine. Functions 1 school.
  11. Surkh (Jamoat) – translated as Red, and it was established in 1919 in honor of the Red Army. The population of more than 10 thousand. Man. The problem is mainly mined field in Uzbekistan.
  12. Vorukh or Vorukh (Jamoat) – quite a large village located in the southern part of the region with a population of about 30 thousand people.. This village is often clashes with the citizens of Kyrgyzstan for water, road or land.
  13. Vorukh – (Jamoat) – the island of land surrounded on all sides by Kyrgyzstan. Bole population of 32 thousand. Man. The people of this region are very religious and has a lot of conflicts with residents of Kyrgyzstan.

Photos of Isfara district:

Teahouse Zumrad

Teahouse Zumrad

Market of Isfara

Market of Isfara

Shops of Isfara

Shops of Isfara

Sanatorium of Zumrad

Sanatorium of Zumrad


Экономика Исфары:

In Isfara district has mainly the following major organizations as the Distillery and Sanatorium Zumrad. The population is mainly engaged in horticulture, vegetable growing and animal husbandry.

Telephones main authorities of Isfara:

Chairman of the district: tel (+8 3462) 2-22-44;
Police: tel (+8 3462) 2-14-36;
Court: (+8 3462) 2-27-40;
Prosecutor’s Office: tel: (8 3462) 2-18-30;
Army: Phone (+ 8 3462) 2-41-33;
Hospital: tel (+8 3462) 2-21-91;
Post: Phone (8 3462) 2-46-70
Fire: (+8 3462) 2-31-92
Agroinvestbank (8 3462) 2-75-23 44-630-67-26
Amonatbank (8 44) 630-64-29

Map from the satellite to Isfara

Key indicators of Isfara district

Name in English: Isfara district;
The head of the district: Chairman;
The structure of the country: Tajikistan;
Title: Administrative region;
Included: Sughd region;
Includes: 1 town, 4 village. 9 and the rural communities;
Administrative center: town of Isfara;
Inception Date: 31 January 1927;
Official languages: Tajik;
Population (2015.): 208 154;
National structure: Tajiks, Uzbeks and Kyrgyz;
Confessional Composition: Sunni Muslims;
Area: 880.9 square kilometers;
Time zone: UTC + 5;
Abbreviation: IS;
Code ISO 3166-2: TJ.SO.IS;
Coordinates: 40 ° 07’12 “with. w. 70 ° 36’57 “a. etc .;
Etnohronim: Isfarians;
Height above sea level (in action): 830 to 1440;
Postal Code: 735920;
Internet domain: .tj;
Code of car numbers: 02 PT;
Telephone code: (+992) 3462;
The total land area (ha): 83,594;
Irrigated area (ha): 17,107;
Rainfed Land (hectare): 66,487;
Arable land (ha): 3783;
Gardens (ha): 8979;
Vineyards (ha): 303;
Mulberry (ha): 355;
Meadows (ha): 0;
Citrus (ha): 0.0;
The area under the seedlings (m): 0.15;
Abandoned (ha): 0.0;
Pastures (ha): 6130;
Agricultural land: -;
Buildings (ha): 392;
Dehkan farms (kolkhoz kind): 589;
Official website:

Video Isfara and singer Madina Karimova


Weather – Weather forecast Isfara for today and the next 10 days:


Isfara today - the nature and weather

Isfara today – the nature and weather


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