International Bank of Tajikistan

International Bank of Tajikistan - a new bank in Tajikistan, converts the Micro-deposit organization to the Bank at the beginning of 2016. Working Office formed a team of the best financial and banking cadres of the republic and successfully achieve the intended strategy.

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At present, the number of full-time employees of the office more than 70 people and most of them are brought up in the frames of “Agroinvestbank” which is considered the best Bank of Tajikistan.
The authorized capital and at the same time the assets of the International Bank of Tajikistan is just over 10 million USD. The shareholders of the bank are the citizens as well as local companies in Tajikistan. The audit organization is engaged auditing company Grand Thornton. The main products (services) of the Bank are: loans, deposits, money transfers, cash and non-cash payments, currency – exchange transactions.

History of the Office

In April 2014 for MDO Ltd. “Standard finance” is known in the Tajik language as “Standard Moliya” has received the license of the National Bank of Tajikistan for the number 0000027 and the beginning of its operation. When creating the organization’s leadership and shareholders set out to mobilize their funds and resources for partners to finance micro and small enterprises, as well as the development of consumer

Location of the Head Office of the Bank on the country’s map.


The Republic of Tajikistan,
734002, Dushanbe, Somoni district,
Street M. Kurbonova 24.
Website: or


The Chairman: Iskandar Radjabov Ҳabibulloevich
Reception: (+992) 44-640-03-03

Deputy Director: Aliyev Orzu Amrohonovich
Phone: +992 44 610 55 00

Chief accountant: Sarvinoz Abdumanobzoda
Phone: +992 44 640 50 88

Human Resources Department
Head: Aliyev Muborak Amrohonovna
Phone: +992 44 640 March 3 (vn.109)

Operation department
Phone: +992 44 640 50 99 (vn.117)

Credit department
Phone: (+992) 44 640 March 3 (vn.105)

Customer care and deposit accounts
Phone: +992 44 640 March 3 (ext 106).


Branch office in Khujand

The Republic of Tajikistan, 735700,
Khujand, st. K.Hudzhandi 181
T .: (+992) 3422 6-28-08;
M .: (+992) 92 771-89-14;
M .: (+992) 98 704-92-14;
Accounting: Tel .: (+992) 3422 6-28-08;

The branch in the district of Sino Dushanbe
The Republic of Tajikistan, 734060,
Dushanbe district Sina str. S.Sherozi 76
(Reference – “Simin” Restaurant)
Phone: (+992) 37-883-07-11;
Chief Accountant
T .: (+992) 37-883-07-12;

Service Center №2 in the city Tursunzade
The Republic of Tajikistan, 735000,
Tursunzade, 41 ul.M.Tursunzade
Credit Expert: T .: (+992) 37-883-07-13;

Service Center №3 near Shakhrinav
The Republic of Tajikistan, 735000,
Shakhrinavsky area j. Mirzo Tursunzoda Street. I. Hamzaev 1
Tel .: (+992) 93-355-53-52;