Indian clinic in Dushanbe – Tajikistan

In the city of Dushanbe there is an Indian clinic called Vedanta, which is specialized in determining the disease and treating a number of diseases clinically. Vedanta is located in Meknat Street against Bazar Mehrgon.

The Indian clinic has a laboratory of the 4th generation in the analysis. The prices at them on 10-20% are lower than in other advanced clinics of the city of Dushanbe. Alas, the exact price for their services is not known and they did not mark out tariffs in their website. Not at an informal level, they give prices for each type of service in different ways and this depends on the type of doctor. For example, the doctor of the urologist has his own prices and the doctor of a cardiologist has others.

Индийская клинка

On a permanent basis, they do not have all kinds of doctors. Doctors come from India on a call (by necessity) to Tajikistan. For example, several patients suffering from hydronephros have accumulated.

The Indian clique is considered private, and it appeared in Tajikistan in early 2017 and works in the following areas:

  1. Cardiology,
  2. Oncology,
  3. Infectious diseases (hepatitis),
  4. Diabetes,
  5. Skin diseases,
  6. Orthopedic surgery and joint replacement surgery, pediatric cardiology and oncology,
  7. Urology and kidney transplantation,
  8. Obstetrics and gynecology,
  9. ECO,
  10. Aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery,
  11. Surgery of mini-access,
  12. Metabolic and bariatric surgery,
  13. Neuroscience,
  14. ENT (ear throat nose) and so on.
  15. Alas, they do not cure in a hospital because they do not have a hospital with beds to lay patients. They also do not cure diseases related to eye diseases and dental (dental).


Address and contacts:

City of Dushanbe, Mehnat Street, 10.

Phone: (+992) 987-24-05-05. 372 24-05-05




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