How much money is needed to see Tajikistan

To visit Tajikistan you do not need a lot of money although it depends on the choice of your type of service. A special place for your expenses is for renting rooms in hotels. On average, normal hotel rooms in the capital of Tajikistan (Dushanbe) cost $ 50-80 per day. But for food per day, you can spend an average of 10-20 dollars and at the end, for travel expenses, it may take up to 20-50 US dollars per day depending on the distance of the route.


Total per day as a tourist you will need 100-200 US dollars per person. If you stay in Tajikistan for about 2 weeks, then consider it yourself. But if you spend money skillfully, it’s enough for 500-1000 US dollars to see the most valuable thing in Tajikistan for a couple of weeks.

But keep in mind that if you are a tourist of neighboring countries including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Afghanistan, then you can see Tajikistan even for $ 10 per day. For example, residents of the city of Samarkand can see the magnificent Khaftkul Lake located in the Penjikent region of the Republic of Tajikistan